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  1. Trying to. Girlfriend got these weird halloween stick-on-the-window type things and man, nothing has ever frustrated me more.

    You have a good one too.
  2. Nah its no worries dude. Have a great halloween
  3. No sweat, sorry it took so long. Not working on it today to prepare for Halloween, so it will hopefully take a week to do. I am praying.

    Either way, my bad for the late as fuck reply.
  4. Thats awesome to hear. Thanks for the update bro!!
  5. Sorry for late replies. Yes, I am currently working on a method of getting Mac to run Stable with Genshin. For some reason, after 10 minutes of the initial fix, it crashes the game and even gives false hack flags, so its a WIP. But once I get a stable build, I will release it as it will not need to be updated for any specific version. Stay tuned homie.
  6. Hey, you said you could help with genshin impact on Mac?
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