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  1. Hmmm, I've seen your avy somewhere.
  2. Where did you come from, where did you go

    Where did you come from, cotton eye joe?
  3. Yeah man, if you scroll down our conversation we even talked about kdrama before.
  4. sweet, you want kdramas as well?
  6. ye .
  7. I am okay. Stressed out but I always am.

    Haven't spoken to you in a bit. Shane, yeah?
  8. doin alright, busy with school n stuff. you?
  9. How are you Boogily.
  10. ^_^ <3 .
  11. ur hot bye
  12. OMG i thought you were nextgen1, you took his avy. i was totally confused.
  13. You don't, i'm fucking with you. Go ahead man, anything for a friend.
  14. Oh, so you want into supreme? You gotta do an app for me and Woods's group.
  15. can i swoop your supreme title?
  16. It depends, what Drama's are you into?
  17. do you have any recommendations on dramas? im almost done with Cunning Single Lady and i need a new one. haha
  18. Again, I hope it's okay that I use this avatar.

    I did not mean to wear it without your permission man. I thought it was rad so I put it on.
  19. Egoraptor, Remm.

    Those were my names, I was here a long time ago and returned. I thought you died.
  20. this is????? sorry i dont recognize your name
  21. Haven't spoken with you in months.

    How you been? Probably do not remember me.
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