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  1. MSN, i need to talk
  2. italy best team ever u_u ps: pls come to msn, buyer is online >,<
  3. 'Course I did
  4. you dont watch the match ITA-GER?!?!?!? O_O
  5. Was asleep when you VM'ed me ...
  6. Rav come to MSN the buyer is online, pls quickly >.<
  7. On msn again in a minute, fixing something.
  8. Please come to MSN quick, there is buyer >.<
  9. Was watching Spain - Portugal, available now if it's quick
  10. bro can u are my middleman? time isn't online, i need u now please >.<
  11. Thanks bro ^^
  12. You can read how trading with a Middleman works here
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