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  1. Yea it did get changed , it says a week ago but I didn't even notice the change, I guess because all the comments were still there before you cleaned it up. Thanks tho
  2. I did delete all the replies. Thought you needed some main post changes.
  3. Someone else already took care of everything.
  4. Please PM me with a BBcode if your request.
  5. Haha that's crazy. You know I had to link you that shit. Glad you liked it.

    About image title yea i'ts not the best , could use some work. The text is kinda blurry.
  6. Not sure if random or what , but I was watching it and you VM'ed me at the same time I guess lol.

    Really enjoyed it.

    Oh almost forgot about the image title , Thanks for it but the current one seems better
  7. Awesome my nigga , awesome .
  8. .
  9. If he agrees you'll buy me donator?
  10. Don't have these in Palestine.
    Convince Dave with UGC.
  11. Amazon gift card?
  12. Get staff
    I'd buy you a donator if i had paypal . I can't verify mine
  13. Fuck it. I'd rather have a bigger avatar. lol
  14. K.
    Perks : Name change , early image title etc..
  15. I'm also willing to help out, setting it up, rules,guns & all of that good stuff, but when it comes to money, I won't be able to help.
  16. No , why would they? They aren't even on MPGH.

    They will participate and I'm willing to aswell. All I want is the perks(donator?)
  17. I think the ZP is too much for this.
    Prizes that I have :
    *2 steam accs that I won
    *And MPGH perks I asked Liz before on this she confirmed it

    Do you / your friends have any thing to make it as a prize ?
  19. I'll do it.
    There should be some rules tho I guess an I will talk about that with Hero.
  20. I'm not giving any zp to anyone on this site. Half the people won't show up. Half the people won't record. Half the people will lag/cheat.
  21. ****** I see that the tourney was dismissed . Let's recreate a thread .
    And it should be tmw.
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