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  1. i agree habibi
  2. [MPGH]أرون فورس .
  3. I'll be your JR any time bby <3
  4. aron pls
  5. cancer meme
  6. YA

    u lift DEEZ NUTS
  7. fite me irl il rek u and be warned, I do lift
    KFC chicken that is
  8. Molestor, remember when I used to let you sleep on the couch
    And beg a bitch to let you sleep in the house?
    Now it's all about BattleTale, you copied my style
    1 ban couldn't drop me: I took it and smiled
    Now I'm back to set the record straight
    With my AK, I'm still the GM that you love to hate
    Muthafucka I hit em' up.

    With love, Shadow.
  9. Eagle profile picture?
    Hippo avatar/name?
    True murican
  10. too bad he's a muzzie he gon help him
  11. calling obama brb
  12. My friend's coming to the US in a week.
    Better watch yo back
  13. 100/10 video.
    Great content.
  14. u RHIP .
  15. Don't hate the playa, hate the game.
  16. a black guy with green hair..
    really nigga
  17. baaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
  18. now minion, soon admin
  19. meery christmas. May allah bring joy upon you in this day
  21. You a shame to all engineers
  22. nup .
  23. Yo arun, you know anything bout this color code shit (one for metals [Blue for copper, yellow for chromol, white for steel]) etc. Got a report and google's being a bitch.
  24. how can you hate all the fluids and machines and their mechanism and... and......
    I think I might regret it..
    There was civil engineering open though other than that, others are shit.
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