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  1. Try searching for TerraHax v1.0.0RC6 on a popular search engine
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    Is this you ?
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    Fr slide the gthub link. Your client is god tier, all the other ones are lame
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    Dis the cord server*
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    can you to give us the github link or your ******* server so we can continue to support you with the mods?
  6. Hello was wondering if you are posting TerraHax anywhere else or am private dm people. As the new update looks rather fun to play and it’s a shame.
  7. You are a Monster +rep
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    Is your Terrahax project closed? Sad to see such a great modification go...
  9. Hey, I've finally dug out my old 0.9.1 version and realized it was never really updated. I just want to know if you plan on continuing your Terra-Hax project or not so I can stop checking every month or so.

    Please respond. Thanks
  10. if you update terrahax for the new update ill pay you 20 bucks via paypal right now.
  11. I know how to make Maim work again.
    Decrease the damage to 100. So, when the person is gonna get Maim'd.
    They will still die. The damage just needs to decrease.
  12. Nevermind I was able to fix it

    Thanks again for the Great Hack!
  13. Hey I just downloaded Terrahax and I found it pretty impressive but the problemis i downloaded it on my friends computer and so whn i went to uninstall it on his everything went smoothly but now his Terraria icon is your terrahax's. It's not really a problem but he has ocd about these kind of things and so it's really bothering him. Is there a way to fix this? he has already deleted and uninstalled everything that has to do with Terraria off his computer and reinstalled the game fresh but the same thing happened... the icon is the terrahax icon.

    Great program though! Thanks!
  14. @Xenoxiluna Will you be updating Terrahax to Terraria version 1.2?
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    I know that your busy and im sorry if this was sent at an inconvinient time but this is important.

    i think the reason why people are falling through tiles is because ether their windows is too high (8) or there graphics card needs up/downgrading to be able to proscess properly if i am right and it i windows 8 could you possibly make another version to suit windows 8 users or tell us what data eg graphics card operating system.

    it would be very helpfull to me and im sure it would help others
  16. your terrariahax works pretty good
  17. If its possible it would be great to have a command to set critical chance, and to have .speed also modify flying speed.
  18. Are you Still working on TerraHax?
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    um... I have a Problem with TerraHax if you could help that would be Great ^_^
    Error Log:
    10/2/2012 7:59:38 PM
    System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'steam_api.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)
    at ..()
    at ..()
    at ..(String[] )
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  21. Hey!
    Are you actually still working on TerraHax?
    If you are, keep up the hard but awesome work!

    PS.: Hope you can fix the tree bug soon.
  22. I will not share the source code of TerraHax under any circumstances, I'm sorry. And no it is not possible at the moment to destroy protected areas as that is serverside.
  23. On terrahax, is it possible to destroy protected areas/regions?
  24. If you do actually share it with me, please PM me a link. Thanks
  25. Hey man, I really appreciate the work you put on TerraHax. I really like the client and I think that you are doing a good job even though it is your first attempt.
    I work in a server and would like to use, if possible your sourcecode to make a small client. I am trying to make a client for the Staff and I would be very happy if you could share with me your coding. I will not be releasing anything with your source code publicly and will not use your source code to make my own client and post it on MPGH. I would only use it to make a smaller client that would contain the essentials of your coding. Once again, I would be very grateful if you could share it with me!

    Thank you.
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