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  1. You should watch the .hack//sign
    It's a virtual reality anime and the creator of SAO said it inspired him to write his manga
    .hack//series is better than SAO imo.
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    Ah thanks, I remembered there was some ridiculous loophole. Couldn't find the chapter tho.
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    Yeah i was wondering about Deidara since he suicide-bombed himself, but sasori as well since he was a puppet and I wasn't sure how puppet ninja stuff actually went.

    Also, I remember the 1st and 2nd being sealed by the 4th's techniques used by the 3rd. How did they get out again?
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    Hey scot, I got a question: How did Deidara and Sasori get revived in the 4th war?
  5. erm so ?
  6. That anime character in your avatar , what is it called ?
  7. $1,000? You serious? :|
  8. Thanks ^_^ But aside from the few in the Anime section very few people know about the character. Speaking of which the fillers end in 2 weeks and Madara comes in 3 weeks.

    I'm searching for a job to pay these college loans back. And don't worry I'm still here occasionally man <3

    I'm trying to make the name easy enough for people to mention me without having to C+P my name. Oh well.
  10. I put it to keep newphags from bothering me. Anyways, I might go with Madara Uchihă, thanks man.
  11. Hey scot, i literally got Donator so I could change my name to "Madara Uchiha", but then I found out it was taken. I've tried: "Madara Uchiha, Uchiha Madara, Madara_Uchiha."
    Any other way you could suggest so it won't look stupid?
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    where is your sig from and where can i watch new episodes, i miss that show
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    Sad to hear you wre down rep for no reason
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    Dude why is your rep so low?
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    Yeah he's pretty damn chill.
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    goddamn forums
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    actually i like this one bettahttp:
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    Well for the most part I see where he's coming from. Naruto went from ninja-ish to full blown energy battles quite quickly when shippudden came out. Not that it is bad, but people dislike difference and there are a ton of other anime.
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  20. yeah. stop wacking off.
  21. The AvA section
  22. Lol, aww shucks. Well thank you <3
  23. Maybe :x

  24. A few weeks ago, for project blackout. Thanks .
  25. Its fake sigh. I won a bet with arun
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