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    Hope youre doing well bro! Seen youre still going strong as a GM. Just wanted to say gj and keep up the good work. Thank you for keeping the community safe i am very proud of you!
  2. Hey boss did you ever get to deleting the posts?
  3. swole patrol
  4. Please reply on my PM about reopen old thread
  5. if you are talking about this staff dispute:

    I post there cause I have valid proof he is indeed a ban evader and had posted it on a private report

    if you are talking about something else apologies
  6. You post a VM on my profile and expect me not to post one back? ahahahaa
    Yea, I do have proof, or "reasonable" proof to be suspicious. The only issue is his ******* name is BlakeMPGH, and he never directly admitted to who he was - though he alluded to it. So I couldn't make a scam report.
    If you can live with your conscience letting him go on such a technicality, even though he's a scammer piece of dog shit trying to get $300, thats on you. But I do expect his FU and KYS to be addressed. Favoritism.
  7. You didn't delete one of his which is clearly him trying to misspell my name so he can tell me "fuck you" without getting in trouble.
    You didn't punish him for telling me (someone with PTSD and chronic depression) to kill myself.
    You deleted my post warning other users he's an attempted scammer.

    You're playing favoritism, end of story. When you delete his post as well and unlock the thread so I can reply again and notify users he's scamming - then I will stop. Otherwise, I'm not taking these messages down. At this point you're just as suss as he is and I wouldn't deal with you at all, nor advise other users to.
  8. To further elaborate (and put it simply), him and another user (@Blake) are simply using their clout to take advantage of lesser known users.
    Deal with extreme caution.
  9. Please refrain from playing favoritism and telling me I'm sales trashing (extremely condescending, btw) for addressing issues that needed addressed, i.e. a community member being extremely toxic. If staff won't do their job, we have to do it for them, or this community goes to shit. You guys have neglected our section for months and I've posted several threads about this.

    I'm led to believe due to his recent post in the CrossFire section that he's the user responsible for leaving a post saying "fuck you" to me up (the user was attempting to harass/antagonize me), suppressing a warning against a potential scammer, and letting a user go unpunished for telling people to commit suicide - yet he deleted at least 10 messages from me doing much less severe things, and accused me of sales trashing (which wasn't what happened, at all).

    Would recommend to use a MM if doing business deals as well. Seems extremely unprofessional & fishy.
  10. You'd be a decent minion
  11. I think you would like this, kinda live a 90's street fighter type/ sonic kinda type <3

  12. im just a n00b :-/
  13. Honestly, no you should, i see your post's your nice m8
  14. you should be a global moderator
  15. He was talking about this rip off mmorpg based on pokemon.
    and I we don't have one on MPGH, but it wouldn't be hard to make.
  16. Damn a true FIRE MM, thank you.
  17. How do I report myself
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    Will do, thanks for advice!
  19. Fire MM title but actually Fire GM
  20. IM down again, re-open that again xD
  21. Hey bud can you respond to my thread issue please.
  22. You've been invited to the Team 10 house.
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    Hope all is well
  24. Haven't been anywhere but maybe a few outings with friends etc/getting wasted and not working these days has been great haha.
    Exams on the way though.(X.X)
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