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  1. See it, you think you have only 300 000 people?
  2. Sorry about the second interview, forgot to mention it earlier
  3. gonna need someone to interview, working all week this week and more to come. 9am-9pm mon-fri.
  4. who are the free lancers?
  5. It seems I'll have to resign as a News Fo.
    As I'm currently going to be busy with much stuff and won't really be able to do as I'm supposed to.

    Also, I took Freelancers as something else. (Making up some work, and sharing it. Not doing a whole "page" of news)
    So therefore, I think it's best to resign for the news fo
  6. .newb me u jordon. We shuld ***** and se like we ust to do
  7. Just go with the original one. I had an idea in mind but got caught up at work so didn't have much time to finish it up, and now I have no access to photoshop.
  9. You once again ask me with a short notice of time.

    I'm unable to cover this weeks user news.
    1: As I'm not paying attention to it unless told otherwise
    2: As I've been gone for most of the week, and still is a little away due to sleeping over @ school. (I can't tell what's new)

    So, please try to inform me on Monday or the week before the one I'm to cover. (As you may see, some news... isn't really do-able if your not around)

    If you feel this is a reason to remove me, feel free to do so. I won't say anything to it as you are allowed to do so. As I've been a little busy with life lately.

  10. Ok, thanks.
  11. How many hours left until it's due?
    (The different time zones)
  12. Also I'm hoping the writer for Games News will be covering xbone vs ps4...
  13. I posted up the Tech News. Let me know what you think. I'll be working all day tomorrow though so I won't be able to redo or add anything during that time. However I should be able to change things around if you want before you compile everything.
  14. Yea I'll do tech news.
  15. I've got exams and a lot of school work going on so I won't be doing User News this week. Possibly next week too.
  16. Alright. I'll fix it.
  17. Would it make any difference if I make it now/tomorrow and turn it in a few days ahead?
  18. What is the deadline?
  19. Yes, I guess I could.
    It wasn't that much of a problem - It was just that I was in a cabin far from society and had to get up to work.

    But I pulled it off didn't I?
    Could I have some feedback on what I did though.
  20. As you might know:
    I'm away for 3 days the coming week. (Driving Exam stuff)
  21. hey I've heard you do se service things cheap?
  22. View Conversation
  23. View Conversation
    Sure thing, in purple just like the usertag?
  24. hey psychooooooooo, can i brw 5 bucks? ill pay u back by end of week.
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