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    That's great
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    I'm fine, why did you add me?
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    gay .
  5. Neh, to lazy to grow stuff, just gonna sell some shit.
  6. Trying to get some money back, bank screwed up when i was going to buy D3 and now 80 bucks is gone from my account
  7. lol'd .
  8. Rep is given or taken from users using the button on the lower left corner of a post, next to the report button. You click that and the reputation dialog comes up.

    How much rep you give depends on how much you have. Generally you give one point for every 14 points you have yourself. IE: I give 44 reputation points when I +rep somebody. When you give someone negative rep, it takes away half of what you give. I take 22 reputation when I negatively rep someone.

    Reputation is not regulated by staff unless it is abused/boosted. People can leave whatever message they want. Lower staff members can view who gave/took their reputation, for purposes of finding boosters. Upper staff(GM+) can also edit reputation messages for anyone, and view who gave +/- for anyone. Only Dave or Arun can edit your reputation value.
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    Dont have that in sweden
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    mpgh is one big circle jerk
    im off to school now, cya later
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    i just comment on things i find interesting or are just some how relevant to my interests to my interests.
    almost 9 am monday here, live in sweden, normally star the chat up around 10 pm my time, sometimes a bit earlier/later
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    Alright, add dahghost
    i can invite you to our ***** night on friday/saturday if we get enough people
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    not much, gonna troll people and see if they notice my user tittle or not
  14. No problem.
  15. Report any posts that he flames in. Make sure you include an explanation of recent events since I might not be the one to deal with it.
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    Go on MSN
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    I could get Dave to give a month of VIP
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    I like the idea, except there would be only about 6 of us, and 12 or more would be more fun.
    Why don't you just make a thread and make it an event for the section.
    It could also boost activity since the mc section is somewhat dead.
    Also, there has to be some post requirement since we can't have people using hacked clients
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    I can't do it right now, but I'd be happy to host. Get a date, probably next weekend and we'll do it then.
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    I'm fine, bored.
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    Can't see the pic.
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    No! I wasn't even online lol ;
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