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  1. agh, I didn't have enough time or willpower to keep developing it solo. too much effort required.
  2. What a fucking ******.
  3. Weren't you on BT?
  4. Hey sorry that you were permabanned for a couple months because of a staff member for a post ban. The ban duration was only supposed to be 1-2 days.

    Apologies on behalf of MPGH staff.
  5. Vouch for him
    Sold acc to him he went first
  6. don't know why i closed your thread. opened and moved it instead.
  7. "I'm a special kind of autistic"
    > Uses LOIC to DDoS
    > Thinks Booting = DDoS

    lmao, k.
  8. You're funny. Pls no ddos
  9. = DDOS?

    LMAO. Keep it up script kiddie.
  10. Top kek 1337 DDoS, you brony.
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    You're a brony, face it.
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    Shut up brony.
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    The fact that you let age be the judgement factor as to how you judge my actions and my expertise is pretty sad.

    At least I'm wise enough at my age to not be a brony.
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    You're such a elite ddoser
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    "When I was a brony", you're a still a brony, stop lying bruh.
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    That was my reaction to your ridiculous thread.

    Great job, you pointed out someone's age over the internet. Yet I'm not as autistic as you.

    Oh and I think this quote from your signature perfectly describes you: "I also love being autistic."
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    Vouch, bought a CF account of off him.
  19. Not going to spam the thread, but I've been around since 2007, but made an account in 2008. You're a newphag, calling another person a newphag.

    There is no such thing as newphags or oldphags, we're all just MPGH members. But please, don't think you're all high and mighty because you joined a year before someone else did. Shit means absolutely nothing, and trying to use it as an excuse to talk down to someone just makes you look like a bigger asshole than you already are.
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    You're hilarious, because you're more of a leecher than an actual member.
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    hey brony
  22. Alert: You have lost a fuck.
  23. [fuck]I have given 0.1 fuck[/fuck]
  24. [fuck]I have given 1 fuck[/fuck]
  25. fgt .
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