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  1. Sir, i've doin all the procedure to use that v75 DNtrainer. but when i inject the dll file. the DN error and dc. can u help me to solve this?
  2. Hey
    Could you Tell Me What Should I Learn To Able To Make Trainer Like Your's " dnTrainer v75 "..?!?!
    W8ing Your Reply
    Thx Alot For Reading
  3. man can you help me with this teleport thing in DN SEA
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    sir can you teach me how to use DNtrainer v75 when i DL it i only got a .DLL file
  5. If you have time bro just want to ask how to DUAL in DNSEA. Your help means so much to me thanks!
  6. nice (y) eh bang itu trainer hanrock yg baru pakai inject apa ya... disini kok dc trus... mohon pencerahan x.x...
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    oh yuh use that traine
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    yw, hope its still work after mt :3
    try using mihox traine and run to the spot to get the coordinate ^^
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    occasionally there will be a chest in the spot, the chance is around 90 % the chest is there but yeah somtimes there no chest just be patient and try it again . Apo Practice and Normal have same drop 2 x ordinary jewel of your class and 1 ordinary diamond, diff in hell mode you get inter crystal diamond of your class. but you cant open the chest in hell mode, you need to kill the mini boss. so its kinda useless better doing normal or practice
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    yuh I do it in practice mode before, since new patch didn't require entry ticktet to enter apo normal I do it in normal mode hahaha
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    so u get around 8 gold/character in less than 2 minute, depend on your loading screen
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    no i mean na not ina hahaha lol...

    some people farm ordinary ruby from apo normal or practice ... if you got the coordinate just go to rc spot and take 2 ordinary jewel depend on your class and 1 ordinary diamond. you cant do it in abyss I try it before . Just use 4 warrior class doing that multi tasking . and say adios when you done loot the jewel hahahha... ruby this day kinda 3-5 gold in greenwood dunno in westwood not check it.
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    oh for apo RC? its a good place for farming too ahahaha

    thanks for your advice, ima try it later :3, I try kernel and anti root kit but still fail :3
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    lol nah I am just a gold farmer, my equip is still manti set too . I am pretty sure if lots people know these method it would ruin gold market, I see my friend from manila using it. and someone already post about this bug on mpgh but only less people respond it. so it mean only less people using this trainer

    but well it too risky to use, maybe if I got caught by CC team using this traine I got permanently banned for abusing bug wahahaha so better dont use it lol. I hope i can bypass dn ina for farm gold too hahaha, just looking for HS bypass rite now. kinda fail a lot lol (its because i am noob sensei bahahaha)
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    lol i am still using PH, work perfectly (greenwood) but sometimes I get dc if afk in (westwood server) dunno the other server. And I guess CC team didnt know yet these bug yet (I hope so just wait for mt done ) because my friend and I can farm 100.000 G a day using "this" trainer and multi client hahaha. Congratz for your new experiment hahaha sorry I make new account :3. how your manga work? hope you done it perfectly too hahaha...
  16. hello darkflee~ sorry for pming you. not trying to be spoonfeed here but i really cant figure my self how can the gpk work. ive been trying for 2weeks and not commenting on the forums just not to be a spoonfeed. but now i really want to ask you if how should i make this thing work if you dont mind. thanks and more power bro.
  17. maksud nya klow pakai trainer itu musti instal framework... disini gk ada ~.~... framework musti restart dluw T_T... restart ada deepfreeze cape deh...
  18. ahahaha... sadly saya maen di warnet... explorer bisa di mainkan... tp yg jadi masalah deep freeze... klow l deepfreeze ketawan bisa di tendang di mari bahahaha... jadinya gk pakai trainer yg itu
  19. bro can u tell me how to bypass the gpk without disconnection ???
  20. mas bro kasih tutor GPK nya dong. di tendang mulu nih pas login --a
  21. ahahahaha gpp kok malah saya mengganggu toning nya .____, *berlalu takut lebih mengganggu lagi~
  22. ah okay... ganbatte kudasai sensei... mail sent!!! cek inbox sebelum tidur ya... jangan di lihat nilainya... gak seberapa soalnya :3
  23. wah mangaka juga ternyata :3... semoga cepat selesai juga bahahaha... ya gpp kok situ kan lebih hebat dari ane *orz... soalnya gk kepikiran ada special agent ol jam sgini untuk razia ... oh ya nanti ku mail sedikit cidera mata deh bahahaha... have a blast sensei dark xDD...
  24. Oh makasih Sensei Dark infonya... ya kmaren cb berhasil dari jam 10 sampe tadi sekitar jam 8 malam sih... tadi keburu abn sehabis abn gak bisa pakai gpk kloningan T_T... ane kmaren pakai 2 metode sih... skalian sharing... pakai yg sensei sharing sama...
    1. Jalanin dnlaucner.exe
    2. cut gpk asli
    3. copy gpk kloning ke sono...

    skarang 2 metode itu gk tembus sama skali ... oh ya klow boleh tau maen di server mana dn nya ... minta ign klow boleh tau ahahaha...
  25. maaf mas dark numpang tanya ^^ kmaren udah pakai metode nya hapus salah satu dll... sudah gk dc dc... tp hari ini kok dc nya malah kebangetan ~.~... mohon bimbingannya supaya menjadi pro ^^ *sembah sujud newbie
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