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  1. I like to think what would nilly do.
  2. The legend has not returned
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    Damn boi you returned, how's life?
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    dead boi .
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    The mighty server lord has risen
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    how it feels to come back from death
  7. nilly kan jag adda dig
  8. rip //10chars
  9. riperino ur server.
  10. I have more rep that you :P
  11. hello itemes yours ares mined!!.'
  12. Heyo nilly, cool to see you're not dead .
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    so ik on your server youve prevented account in use from happening during the loading screen trying to connect to server when the server crashes or is closed while playing for example
    mind sharing the code you did this with?
    just ignore if you dont want to :3
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    oh wait nevermind i forgot it was the marketplace and yeah lol ignore that please xD
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    also i just noticed this but why is mana 2000 fame but life is 199 (in marketplace) xDD
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    hi i cba logging into forums of your server, so ill tell you here xD, but the image expired/got deleted the imgur image that you used for The Triple Dungeon Mystery Box one, just letting you know. (when i go to mystery box and go to that specific box offer, it shows a message saying The image you are requesting does not exist or something like that
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    I have a question for a basic non-as3 client, do you know and if you do maybe a shortened summarize mini tut would be appreciated, how to make it where HP/MP/Fame count ALWAYS shows instead of just when hovering over mouse? I can care less about adding in a option tab in options for it, at the moment, id just like for it to always show instead of having to hover over it.
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    hey i have a question, what website did you use to make yours (for nillysrealm)? like i know theres webs, ******, etc. and you can buy a domain and shit, im thinking about hosting a server on a web client (to prevent hacked clients being made)
  19. I dont suppose you would like to share your multiboxing client? Not even sure if you still have one, but i've been looking a while and everything else looks like crap or phising sites, so atleast its worth a try... It would save me alot of time! thx
  20. damn nilly long time to see
  21. Nilly we love you <3
  22. We all know you're the smartest person here, at making clients.
  23. Who care's if somebody steals your idea's, we still know that you make the bestest clients.
  24. From*, message still means what I said.
  25. Miss hearing for you, the best always leave :/.
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