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  1. Hello Sexy
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    im going to end the conversation that you are not active in the xbox 360 section you have posted ANYTHING in the section anyone can say that they "hack and mod" but your 12 years old and you play cod that does not mean you hack and mod. do not reply back because i do not want to continue this conversation
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    revive is banned for a post count ban its nothing bad. im not going to be the minion now just when the time comes and revive leaves ill be taking it over like i did for 8 months last year you might think you more active but the truth is i am and the section is to small to receive its own individual minion
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    right now there is no need for a console minion and if revive leaves im going to take it over because i was minion for the console section a while back
  5. Are u icelandic cuz i am!
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    nope i cannot.
  7. Not sure what you mean. You can donate via prepaid cc or amazon.
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    hehe tankz.
  9. My ***** is: Evolution0521
  10. A simple thanks would do then. (AKA The thanks button)
  11. you do it is referred to as spam. Even Insane told you about it...
    If you want people to know you like their work, pressing the +rep or thanks button would make people think better.
    What you do makes it seem you spam, so next time bro, just press the thanks button (y)
  12. Spamming all over the place...
  13. Uhh...why do you spam bro?
    I see InSaNe has already talked to you about it....but you're still doing it.
    You really want a ban? :P
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    I'll ask nicely, can you please stop spamming all over the place to increase your post count? That's annoying and against the rules. You'll end up getting a ban.
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    I can only Administrate in CoD and ROTMG.

    It didn't get approved automatically, a GMOD just approved it. They mostly don't post when they do it.
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    its all good man.
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    Can you give me the name?
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    Hey, you have msn or *****?
  19. I did "dead" twice..
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    I might make it some time if you tell me what you want in it.

    Just tell me, then I might make it.
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    I can give you the PSD and then you can edit it yourself. I'm not gonna make it for you.

    If you use it them, then remember credit
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    I simply made it. I want to make something better, but I always find something that is more entertaining.
  23. Invalid ***** name
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    Nachos, just a question.

    If he stoled the hack from youtube then? If he don't tell credits..
    What happends?

    If he stole it from someone on MPGH we delete it. If it is made from the outside we will tell him to add them and if he doesn't we'll delete it.

    We might just add credits ourselves, it's easier than asking the user to do it.
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    Quote and answer everybody in only one post. What you did is against the rules... you'll get yourself a warning/ban is you keep doing that...
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