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  1. the aim bot needs an exception for pets that are using a decoy ability. It keeps shooting at my goldfinch.... It took me a moment to realize what was going on when I noticed my knight shooting without an enemy on screen.
  2. when you do a dungeneon you can type a command t an instant white bag instead of doing 60 times the dungeon to get what you want if you nd help msg me
  3. Does your tool work for 20.0.2?
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    7zip gets caught up on ROTMG All in One Tool.exe and crashes.
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    I am currently getting an error when i try to extract the files of your most recent upload of the All in One Tool with winrar.Checksum error in ROTMG All in One Tool.exe. The file is corrupt. The archive is corrupt. I will try 7zip when it finishes downloading but i would greatly appreciate it if you would help me and the others that are getting this error.
  6. How come you didnt need an approval can you approve post?
  7. Do you think you could send me a download link? would greatly appreciate it even more than i already do!
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    hey can you send me the way to download it. It won't work because not verified):
  9. Thanks, but I'm that into Rotmg as a game, so I can't help a lot..
    But..yea, I can moderate at least.
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    C:\Users\Neil\Downloads\RotMG All in one\Clients\neil hack.swf

  11. welcome back
  12. just send him a pm or vm.... I c+p what you said if you didn't feel like rewriting it

    "I realize that this is a very old thread, but... @JustAnoobROTMG
    can I use this in my aio tool to create .exe's? You mention its a console application that Could be used for this purpose.
    what is the syntax to call it from a batch file?"
  13. Yo, so I was the one who asked about inputting code to make a certain hack work. How do I go about this?
  14. Hey! can you make a hacked rotmg client for 18.00 ? pls
  15. i cant Even open the client .... from the download..
  16. There isn't a client-1 file with decomp'd source in my /Addhacks file btw, probably the cause of what is happening with the path
  17. Maat it opens but the hacks do not work what am i doing wrong
  18. whn i opne the tools what i have to do ?
  19. thank you very much
  20. hi can u tell mee pliss what is download tools from release?
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    Hey man, thanks for the help on my thread. I have a question though, that info that 059 gave me, is that to put on a website?

    Oh, and I think I get that error message because of blocked ports, not because of an outdated client. And I'm mostly looking for a way to play un-hacked rotmg. Thanks!
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    After many attempts my auto aim is now targeting the coils thank you I gained so much knowledge from you with regards to how every thing works :P Also failing about 100000 times might've helped me learn something as well xD
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    Disregard last comment.. ok moving on.

    For the tesla coil trick is my client.swf supposed to be in a specific location? Also how do I know if the .bat files actually changed anything as I think that is the source of my problem. If at this point my stupidity is glaring and you don't want to help anymore that is fine, completely understandable xD

    I feel like I am at the very least I'm on the right track now and with more searching through tutorials I will be able to eventually accomplish what I am striving for :P thanks for the great help you have already been
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    Ok before I'm ready to learn what to do with actual code, (regarding your tesla coil trick "3. Make sure your .swf is named client") how would I save my .swf as client?
    I currently use a mod selector which doesn't let me choose what to save it as, but if you mean making a new client without any hacks, I'm fine with learning to do that and being able to use it for testing purposes, it's just I currently do not know how.
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    Thank you very much, the help is greatly appreciated! Tomorrow or possibly later today I will have questions with what to do with the code, once again thanks so much! Notepad ++ is extremely useful!
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