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  1. Yeah I found this enchantments plugin that I'll probably use
  2. Oh yeah that sounds like some kind of antivirus issue then. Rip your computer protecting you from my 1337 hax!!!!

    And just like custom enchanted items. Like weapons and armor mostly with special enchants. Maybe potions in the future, but to start with definitely weapons and armor with custom enchantments on them.

    If the second file is the .NET file then yeah that could be normal functionality, I don't really know. But the other guy managed to get it done so you are big noob.

    Also it's no problem my camel, I hope you're feeling better now. But glad the solutions are ready and just need to get things going. Still need to figure out a solution for some kind of a "shop" or at least a system where people can spend their "prayer/faction points" to buy specific items.
  4. Habeebi enta
  5. 3shan eli 3mlto m3aak
  6. Marhaba habeebi keef halak ?
    wallah lessa 7ases 7alee metel el zft !!
  7. go to PM bitch boi
  8. sent u a video in pm
  9. all services are broken up in to different applications (all NodeJS). These are the applications:

    Website - Delivers assets (such as the react application), and functions as an API for the client.
    Client - a redux/react application.
    SMTP Server (Receiver) - Receives mail from other email services.
    SMTP Server (Delivery) - Delivers mail to other SMTP services.
    POP Server - Client Interface for native applications.
    IMAP Server - Client Interface for native applications.
    Common Libraries - Basically bundling all server-side packages in a singular project to prevent duplicate code.

    Everything just interacts with a common file-system, and a database. That's how consistency will be spread among them. But the Common Libraries project will automate this.
  10. haha it did, but it was just a garbage website... like it would receive mail, then send it to a PHP script. I took a real centralised approach to the design, where everything would be built in to the website... it was a bad idea.
  11. i restarted it. many poor design decisions in the last one.
  12. I explain in chat somewhere I messaged you
  13. Ah didn't know you had your domain with Google.

    And ill tell once completed. Barely started.
  14. Help me make custom plugin plz not too complicated but fun idea
  15. u gotta pay for g suit doe

    but ye, whatever... i know a few people who use it, and it seems to work well for them. hf.
  16. I'm not familiar with many email hosts. But I'm currently developing one which will allow anyone to register a domain with it, with absolutely 0 restrictions. Go with whoever you want, and once I'm done developing you can use it if u like. Everything will be hosted on my servers and what-not.
  17. I probably wouldn't install cpanel. It is easier and quicker to just manually do stuff. But idk.

    If you are more comfortable using cPanel, use it.

    Also, don't use vultr for critical things. Use digital ocean or ovh. Vultr afaik uses raid 0... So big no no.
  18. Honestly getting a complete control panel can be easier and sometimes more secure... But you need to put a lot of trust in the host... If it's for a website you couldn't care about, go with a hosting company... Otherwise i would say vps...

    But then again, you need to put a lot of trust in the vps host too...
  19. I would still go with a vps as you got a tonne more control. If you need a hand setting it up and stuff, send me a pm. If it's just a static website, ill host it for you for free.
  20. Yeah man, it was from voting. Thanks mayo
  21. thank u your post was helpful
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    yoiu need to get on d_iscord more, haven't heard from you in ages
  24. Yeah same that part was the best of it all. Seems like there's a lot less of that now, pretty sad
  25. LMAO I remember that, good times. Can't believe I said that
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