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    it's been another 4 fucking years. kinda starting to get suspicous start citizen won't release ever
  2. 10$ for you to come back and watch a dbs episode with me
  3. Yearly check-in?
  4. hi Genesis
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    where you at dog
  6. I am unable to find you, sama.
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    rip 2 this aussie nigga
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    nah i think its just over their head
  9. Man,you still alive? I don't see you on S.kype no more. :/
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    dude remember when we said we'll play star citizen when it finally comes out? it's been like 5 years lmao and i just realized that it still didn't freaking release
  11. 600 bucks for ur steam acc,u cray niga lmao
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  13. gay avatar
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    Shiet mang since I sent that message my life turned 180 and I got an interview for a good job and potential date now what the fuck.
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    Bored as fuck with life and dunno what to do for my future, wbu.
  17. Ya it was pretty cool tbh haha
  18. Dude, I didn't like how they got Goku to go Super Saiyan God in the latest episode. Would have been way better to make him show it in the fight with that other guy that challenged him.

    Such a waste of transformation showoff.
  19. On exchange here for a year. I got here mid February, so I still have a long way to go!
    Anything new for you?
  20. No not currently
    And yeah same. Those were a lot of fun times and good memories.
    Also, I'm in South Korea rn.
  21. Well yeah, I guess your point is valid. I guess they just wanted to have feelings involved where the people gave him their energies.

    I'm hella waiting on the fight between Goku and that god of destruction (don't remember his name, something-sama xd), and if they decide not to fight I still want to see how it will turn out.
    But judging by the opening, we gonna have a few entertaining fights coming our way.
    One possible thing I don't like about DBS is what they turned Goku into. Like yeah I get the whole fighting love and whatnot but literally all he does now is think about fights. Not that it is bad, but he has like no personality.

    An ongoing series right now I am watching is Konosuba (1 & 2), I love it. It's based off comedy and adventures. I like how characters develop every episode, like not just the initial impression that is applied to them.
  22. Yeah, changing the set rules kind of bothered me in the transformation but it's whatever.
    I think Trunk's victory was pretty good, well it's dragon ball after all. lol
    If you remember, in DBZ when Gohan as a kid defeated Cell alone when Goku himself struggled to win.
    That's one thing I like about DB, not only the main character that is doing work you know

    You watch anything besides Dragon Ball?
  23. I can tell your passion for the series ^^

    I have not ever seen DB as an anime, that is why I never compared to any other; simply it is unique in its own way.
    I remember having the game for it on PS2 too, shit was so much fun, smashing all the button for instant transmission and to power up xd
    What I truly love about Super is the new era they have entered, new power ups, abilities etc. One thing that bothers me about DB as a whole is when they for example "win" a fight, they all jinx it; at that moment you can tell something will happen that will turn the tables.

    But on the positive side, a fight with like Black (In the future), they lost it multiple times which gave it a different taste than just having Goku do the impossible from the first time.
  24. Yeah same. lol
    A month or two ago I got back into Anime and started watching Dragon Ball, starting with DBZ:Kai - Was watching it dub (Yes, I used to watch DB only in dub), but it was still being aired so I literally just watched DBZ starting from Majin Buu's saga (Like 70ep or something).

    Now I can barely wait every week for the new Super episode man, even though it is sub which I am not used to in Dragon Ball, I'm hella enjoying it.
    It's one of the few series I've started watching before it finishes airing, even though i'm impatient.
  25. Zen-oh!

    Have you been keeping up with the series? I love DB Super
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