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  1. He's a scamer do me a favor and write it all over his facebook page and youtube wall here all the links
    UnderZeroNetwork - YouTube

    Make sure you post scammer all over it
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    scammer noob
  3. Don't trust this piece of shit scammer.
  4. How much do you buyit for? and will you go first? I'm not a trusting person :L
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    help me on *****: magnusthechamp
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    Sure, i'll send you the trial editor PM but you can start work when you are ready.
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    scammer!!!!! give my money back! fuckk you piece shittt
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    "plz dont be a fucking idiot read the post i have him credits /tard"

    You don't have his name anywhere on the post, you "fucking tard", and you re-hosted the content to make it seem like you made it. You're just a sad piece of shit who can't produce anything and has to steal others' property.

    All you said was that the VIDEO was not made by you, but you still steal all the 'fucking' credit. Just sad.
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    This user re-hosted a tool from the Bot of Legends site called "Viktor's Leveling Evolution" and thought he could get away with stealing credit simply by re-naming to "chrishuman's leveling evolution", be wary of any content he claims to have produced.
  10. To lazy to *****. What I gotta do?
  11. Good !
  12. Let's get that Skyrim section. I have been posting skyrim stuff to the Elder Scrolls section.
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    how can i be a donetor?
  14. not doing more skin bug help -----
  15. Skin bug. ***** nabbeto_ita111
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    Skin bug. ***** strakalys.
  17. LOL unlucky!
  18. Please tell me that you don't think your sig is a good thing
  19. very funny. add me back on ***** bud
  20. I've been perma-banned for using the viktor staff exploit on one account and haven't yet been banned for using the gold hack for two days before it was patched. I'm just trying to be cautious because Im sure LeagueBot and BoL use the same injection process, so if you patch one the other will be patched too. Yes I'm sure Riot is aware and they don't care at all, I'm just trying to convince you to not give them a reason to care.
  21. LeagueBot? Its nearly the same besides for the scripts created and from what I've seen their shit, and if you are experienced in .lua, then you would know that BoL does everything that LeagueBot does but more, thats why developers of LeagueBot left to go to BoL. I am VIP for BoL and I understand why you say that the free version sucks, but From what I believe Leaguebot doesn't use Packets.
  22. Im not complaining about any other hacks, just BoL. BoL is the only real tool to modify League of Legends and if more people know about it and make it a problem then Riot will do something about it. Do you even know its potential? League of Legends has NO anti-cheat at this moment. If BoL gets popular then kiss your hacks good bye. I am not saying don't post any hacks, why do you think people have to pay for the good hacks?
  23. I highly recommend not promoting BoL, because if you do and enough people use it, Riot will take action because it will actually become a problem. BoL is alot more than just some bot, it is the only real free league of legends hack and given in the wrong hands it will get patched and detected easily. You know ID Ryze or the Gold hack? BoL. You know the Ryze that uses abilities from other patches? BoL. Call me selfish but if MPGH actually gets their hands on it, it will be the end of hacking for league of legends nearly permanantly.
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