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  1. y r u ded ?
  2. when we gonna watch ancient aliens xd
  3. namaste saaaaaaaaaab
  4. Haha I totally get that feeling... it's much more fun to be able to work for yourself, but I guess you have to do whatever you need to get there. I've managed to have decent structure working for myself - I feel massive guilt if I'm not being productive in some way tbh. Hahaha I'm the least creative type of person too
  5. As for automation, I think for a some people it will be a concern. If you're not doing anything new/innovative then eventually it could probably be automated. Even some coding frameworks, where you do have to code still, is more like putting building blocks together. You want authentication? You pull in an authentication package. You want notifications? You pull in a notification package. You want a social feed? You pull in a social package. It's crazy how much stuff is out there and doesn't need to be re-written. Eventually, I think it will be possible to automate putting those building blocks together.
  6. It's cool you're doing a bit of SQL - it's generally super simple but a really nice thing to start with I guess. I think like everything if you practice something enough you can learn to be good at it - but there are definitely some requirements - mainly having an interest, but also thinking in a certain way. It also depends what kind of coding you do though - some hardcode software development requires lots of maths for example, whereas web development requires logical thinking, but not a huge amount of maths.

    I fully agree about the CS degree thing. Most CS degree people I know can't code for shit. They know a lot of theory, but have no practical knowledge

    Too many chars -next message
  7. Nah man not at all, coding replaced gaming years ago for me
    I only really hang around here because people still contact me, and it's cool to look at projects people release
  8. God no haha, I don't think I've actually played the game since 2014 or something, and stopped coding around it in like 2016
  9. Tell me about it. Being an adult can be tough sometimes. Funny that I haven't even been on here in 4 weeks haha.
    I hope the internship is going well man and all the best with your business.

    Sadly MPGH censored you
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    hells ye, let's av it
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    long time no see.. hope youre all good c:
  12. Not bad man, and I wish, but I don't really use an IM service. What do you do on MPGH mainly now?
  13. Yo! I'm 3 weeks late. How's things?
  14. Haven't been doin shit lol. Just been bar tending and stackin my money. Built myself a sick PC and just play Tarkov in my free time.
  15. Thank you broooooo!!!! :'D
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    Add me back on IM
  17. we need soldiers for upcoming china invasion update are u ready for the great war
  18. nigga hasnt even been 24 hours since we last talked
  19. i will nuke u
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    I seen your edit history. If you're going to say something, have the balls to stand by it.
  21. Sounds smart man. I'm the same way, I like to have multiple income streams, passive wherever possible
    At least you have a nice idea of what you want to do/achieve, good luck man!
  22. *2018, and I mean that we first started speaking in 2014, which is crazy!
    Ah man we all mess up sometimes. What business are you getting into?
  23. How could you forget me
    I'm good man. Studying and working as a software developer. Don't come on here as much anymore. I can't believe it's been since 2014 we've spoken... how's things with you?
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    would you some like curry free sex my fraend
    lobe fram indeia
  25. I love ya no homo though
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