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  1. Yo, I read that cryptic thing that you posted and was quite interested. During this Christmas break i'm on my computer for aprx. 7-9 hours out of the day. I would love to learn how to do those sort of things. I am more than willing to learn, but only if your willing to teach me. - thanks for your time JesusFreak
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    i figured it out thanx
  3. I have the same problem that master thief has. My server keeps cutting out with the hack in combat amrs. Please help me. I love the hack, but i can never finish a game without disconnecting.
  4. hey, i Have a problem with the CA hack, the connection with the server is always going out, and I don't know what could i do to stop it, can u help me

    (add me on msn,
  5. can u help me i just like downlaoded the game and when i try and start it up it keeps saying edit ur ini wat is a ini and then it say someting bout the user and pass not wroking wat username and pass word do i use
  6. HI,
    I'm currently using the hack the Dave posted on 12/22/08. But for some reason, when i play CA, a message keeps being sent to all players in the room. It's something like: "[GM]Nexon: get free and VIP hacks at".
    If this message is shown every room I get into, wthen I will surely get banned.
    And yes other people are able to see this message.
    If there's any way that i can get rid of this dilemma, please message me back
  7. pls became me in a mpgh admin pls
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    oh yes, almost forgot, THANKS ALOT =D
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    im no theyr to complain or beg, im there to say you that im the one of not much that know all things you dave and all staff do for us,simple member,*([<FOR FREE>]* I know the hack is outdated since a while tho and 9235895904890354 flamin and spammin ppl piss you off as hell and it does not make the staff build it faster,im here to say,I know ,i know .L8er dude and, i know this message isnt helpin any1 or resolvin any question, just here to like ''support you'' and say : dont put every1 in the same bunch! You are my Idol
  10. hey i cant get any hacks for combat arms to work all i want is chams and wall hack can u give me instructions on everything i need to install and stuff?
  11. You are one of MPGH son of a bitch, LAZARENTOS, CUZ’ES !!!!!!!!!!


    BANDO of gays, motherfucker !!!!!!!!!!

    FAZAR PROGRAMS OR RIGHT you know !!!!!!!

    YOU should do milhores PROGRAMS FOR those who are not VIP !!!!!!!!
  12. You are one of MPGH son of a bitch, LAZARENTOS, CUZ’ES !!!!!!!!!!


    BANDO of gays, motherfucker !!!!!!!!!!

    FAZAR PROGRAMS OR RIGHT you know !!!!!!!

    YOU should do milhores PROGRAMS FOR those who are not VIP !!!!!!!!
  13. i have problems wit the mphg public hack for combat arms
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    hey arun thanks for adding me
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    hey, can you help me? I start ca and everything is right but the text wont show up 5th time and hasn't done it what have i done wrong?
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    You cant share VIP hacks and if u do u will be banned
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    sharing what.
  18. Dave means that if you share this with anyone, your IP will be banned from our system.
  19. If you use this hack, will it affect other games you play?
    CA isnt an IP thing.

    Like say battlefield 2142 and your in a clan.. Can they pick up that hack you used on CA with a scanner?

    Just curious.
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    Hai arun
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    check your Pm my ninja
  22. hey can u please mm a tradde itll take 5 seconds i just rlly neeed this
  23. Hey can you advise/help me pleeese with CA PUB hack and how to buy VIP Please?
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  25. can you help me why VIP isn't working for me when i just paid through paypal???
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