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  1. Are you still working on the CD client?
  2. Big news soon, maybe.
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    Are You still maing the hacked client?
  4. Haxit 5.0 please?
  5. Happy Valentines day!
  6. when are you making the updated client? could you add toggleable GUI again?
  7. I have to make it this month because the vacations are taking up too much time... sorry people
  8. It's been a while since I've talked here for all to see. I would like to start out first by telling you all that in a month 5.0 will be out.
    "What have I been doing all this time and why not earlier?" Well vacation mostly(To Los Vegas(By driving(1200 miles))) The other reason you will see in my post when I release the client. I Hope everyone will be satisfied with the new release by the end of this month.
  9. hello tsj9834 not to bother you but can u make a tutorial on how to get the source from hexxit, i dont need an tutorial for making mods. i just need help extracting the modpack.
  10. on your client r u able to add a ore for xray?
  11. I am doing well, thanks for asking. Sorry that I haven't been that active on the client and this website. Tons of things have been happening like school for one and a new collage course. I also seem to always break my client right before the big release. Trial and error is frustrating, but helpful.
  12. Hey tsj, how are you doing?
  13. \|/ OK might be delayed ANOTHER day...or i could always start from scratch...and advice to everyone NEVER get a mac or mac charger without a 2 year warranty. As soon as I get the charger working again though the first thing i'm doing is transferring the workspace to my flashdrive.
  14. \|/ forgot to update from last time but because my laptop's charger has broken ill have to fix it again before i can even turn on my computer... It broke Monday of this week to, but I fixed it, then it broke again last night. If you don't see a post from me by 12:00 CST ill be dead(by electrocution). Also can't wait to see more video's on youtube talking about my client.
  15. Ok only because I want you guys to feel like I am letting you down I'm posting a 4.1 version soon if not this week next week. I will have to change the update numbers(kinda like minecraft) and will start releasing every update as a little change and the .0's as a huge change. I have been trying to make the client better and it is taking WAY too long. So I will commit to for SURE next Friday(In the US) by 9:00pm CST with minor bug fixes. Hopefully i will have 5.0 in working order by a date that I've decided(secret month date/1/2014)
  16. 5.0 How is it ??
  17. 5.0 Haxit is doing ok might have it by Christmas! For some people (you know who you are) you said my client is not oop. This next release is going to be the bridge between my easy lazy style and the oop hard challanging skyle(figured out how to though and still experimenting with it as you read this). I wont have a single public static boolean in it even though it would be easier than reworking my whole client(and might slow me down at the end). I am also making a trailer for 5.0 which i have planned to post on youtube after im done with my client(if this happens before Christmas than i will hold back on the client and post the video for you all).
  18. Talk about a bad day was "Raining" outside and I wanted to get a ride to school(but went outside anyways) I soon realized after a drop got on my head that it was not rain at all it was "Chocolate" rain coming from the birds above me.
  19. Hello man ! Will version 5.0 take long ? Can't wait to try it ! Cheers (:
  20. ...nvm i guess there are no outside links ***** is mpghmembertsj9834 or y9876543210934 add me on eather if you want.
  21. Hmmm that last link broke here is the link...
  22. Made a website today Yay has to be free for now and it really is a little bit bad because of the editor i'm using isn't good at all...It will have all the updates and everything! Visit it Here
  23. I still haven't got the change to check it out, wen I can ill give you some feedback (:
  24. Well, i've noticed that you added Freecam, and honestely, thats pretty darn sweet.

    Going to miss the Superjump and does step work like Spider function ?
    Another thing, does the Fly still need to be in sprint ?
  25. Here is the client or just download it of the minecraft hacked client page and give some feedback!
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