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  1. skrrrt brap brap
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    Haha well seems like Dave agrees with my point of view bro (like every person with a little logic and a brain would do )

    Learn how the marketplace works and own your mistakes.
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    hey please send me an ionic instead of ch2 and put me -14 rep again im lovin it. nab
  4. this nigga a psychic lol dont fuck wit him
  5. why the fuck you did that.
  6. why the hell you left negative comment on me ?
    when someone tried to scam me.
  7. randoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o
  8. cause it was some abose also how u doin nigga im a dad now
  9. kill yourself

  10. Where's bronsexual at nowadays
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    u gay hahahahaha
  12. Good. I am also starting my last year of university
  13. Right back atcha.

    How's life?
  14. who are u lol
  15. little late but thanks
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    your thread should be approved by today.
  17. vouch copie up da ass
  18. Do nuffin but get all da benefits
  19. am doing gr8 as u can see im the immortal minion
  20. how r u doing
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    Lol why’d you wreck my rep symmetry

    Anyways can’t rep you rn bc I must’ve repped you recently
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    HAI HEROIC, get ready for da trial :>
  23. hi friendo
  24. Hey man .. sorry for the late reply.
    I wasn't doing so good at that time..

    Life's been hard but I'm doing okay .. Studies and work has been stressful
    My mother passed away a few months ago so it's just been me here trying to support myself and keep myself going..
    Its just the way life is eh? ..
    I'm here in the Philippines and so far things are getting stable.

    How about you man .. I hope you're doing much better
    I've missed you man .. no homo >_>
  25. Actually it's pretty much exactly the same for me right now lol. Got exams and projects right now, but after that gonna head home and just relax for 2 months and do some other fun personal work. Fk girls
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