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  1. Who's Lance? Is he still alive? I heard that they wiped a massive amount of Asians this past 5 years.
  2. Damn gaydow still with the cocksucker tag
  3. ⠄ ATTENTION CITIZEN! 市民请注意!
    This is the Central Intelligentsia of the Chinese Communist Party. 您的 Internet 浏览器历史记录和活动引起了我们的注意。 YOUR INTERNET ACTIVITY HAS ATTRACTED OUR ATTENTION. 因此,您的个人资料中的 11115 ( -11115 Social Credits) 个社会积分将打折。 DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN! 不要再这样做! If you do not hesitate, more Social Credits ( -11115 Social Credits )will be subtracted from your profile, resulting in the subtraction of ration supplies. (由人民供应部重新分配 CCP) You'll also be sent into a re-education camp in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Zone. 如果您毫不犹豫,更多的社会信用将从您的个人资料中打折,从而导致口粮供应减少。 您还将被送到新疆维吾尔自治区的再教育营。
    为党争光! Glory to the CCP!
  4. fk u m8
  5. paver 4 uni 2023
  6. Added you on IM
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    I am trying to get hold of you from last 3 days. Could you respond to my messages on *******?
  8. uwu princess
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    @Smoke said he would refer me to you regarding a failed refund on his part then unadded me immediately to delete the chat history. Add me back so we can discuss this. Thanks
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    How'd u get the princess tag ;O
  12. So I go on MPGH and you got a fuckin pink name?
    You a tranny now?
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    tell them to make my name pink to
  14. girl you outta the closet o;
  15. Need an EZ clap iPhone refund my g
  16. Well dam how'd you get TM
    Lucky ;(
  17. such a secret must not be revealed to the world
  18. call Dave fat one more time and I'll rape your future kid's pet turtle
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    Playing around with Flengo
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    You tried to redefine radical right wing after I had previously established what it means. You then break down and say "didnt' read just trolling" after you've been refuted.

    This is how it goes with you.
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    The guy who breaks down and starts trolling every time he loses an argument and is too afraid to voice chat is going to call me insecure? That's some intense projection. Don't like it, then stop saying stupid shit or at least educate yourself. I can sit here and demolish every stupid thing you say on here, you're better off going to some reddit or right winged website where cancerous little children like you roam around spewing shit unchecked and without validation. Go reaffirm your ignorant based beliefs you filthy pleb. Go run away and break down into an attempted troll when someone refutes you, then continue pretending like you haven't just been exposed countless times over the years.

    You will never voice chat with me because you know I'll just make you cry like I always do.
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    Afraid to speak to another grown man over the internet because he has the voice of a chipmunk with it's balls removed.
  23. Yeah fake vouches aren't justifiable either, if it checks out will give him a fair warning. You can post on scammers grave or private report if you need.
  24. Make a report with screenshots of chat and if there was no trade or reason to leave a vouch, we'll act on it.
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