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  1. <3 :3 nooblet
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  3. nooblet <3 :3
  4. damn nigga whats up?
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    Last activity 5 days ago? Dude I thought you died.
  6. Nooblet <3
  7. You need to stretch your arms out man, you have air bubbles trapped between your joints. They can be spread out with regular stretching.
  8. dude
    add me on facebook!!!!!
    so much catching up to do omg
  9. Nooblet <3 :3
  10. you are still alive????
    no bricks have been dropped upon your head???
  11. Well that's just stupid, your muscles can't grow like that.
  12. That guy is going by the American standard, low rep many sets. Biology shoes that by fatiguing the muscles you create more room fit muscles gain and improvement. GVT had been proven to work fine.
  13. Try reversing your workouts. Combining shoulders and chest won't cause injury (unless you use improper form with the workouts of course). My routine I am following right now has my shoulders and chest in a single workout (along with abs) and I haven't had any issues. I see no reason as to why your friend would say it causes injury.
  14. Because I would never be able to finish the 100 reps with back+core. You use your core a lot to support your back, so when doing GVT+HIIT you run the risk of overtraining or hitting a catabolic state.
  15. 1-1.5 grams per pound of body weight.
  16. Powder will make it easier but it's not a necessity, it sure as hell makes my life easier as I have to consume 260 grams of protein a day.
  17. You should stick to bulking your entire body up at once, then toning it down at once. Toning while bulking won't achieve much of anything to be honest. And you can add in another workout, just take the others you already have down a notch until you become acclimated, and start taking more protein to keep your body out of its catabolic state.
  18. If you're bulking you want to minimize routines. If you're toning you want you an average amount. I usually do one type of lift per bodypart in a circuit depending on what day it is. Though, I am doing German Volume Training combined with HIIT to drop my body fat and boost muscle right now, but that's pretty extreme.
  19. Throw in Dumbbell Shrugs one workout after your shoulder press to get the traps, without the traps your shoulders will look awkward.
  20. Not really. If you focus on those muscles in the beginning of the workout (whichever ones you want to target specifically), then continue with your workout, you'll keep working them out while you do your other routines. All of your muscles are used when you workout, so whichever ones you target in the beginning will achieve a greater workout than the rest of them. Multiple different lifts targeting the same muscle group (like dumbbell curls and barbell curls) won't change anything unless you're doing supersets.
  21. I hate deadlifting. If you so much as even have the slightest imperfection in form you can ruin your back for the rest of your life. If you're not feeling enough of a challenge either add more weight, or more sets to your workout.
  22. You need to slow down and focus on form then, give more attention to the right side.
  23. Dumbbell shrugs.
  24. Legs are difficult because of the amount of weight needed to really boost them. Get ankle weights and do squat jumps. Squat as far down as you can then jump with as much force and energy as you possibly can, do them as many times as possible. It rapes the thighs but it works wonders. For calved hold onto as much weight as you can and go onto your toes for three seconds, then back down for two. Do that as many times as you can without getting a charlie horse.
  25. Yes it is a myth. I have never found any proof that it stunts growth.
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