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    Can i scam you?
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    Great , thanks, dont reply me "np"
  3. Your the best <3
  4. Hey brom its me farixx on msn right now
  5. Time... Whered u go? We need u!
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    my msn id is
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    LOL i ment to say whats up
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    Hello Time, I'm
  9. <3 i respect your comment +1 lol anyways yea MSN aint me O__@ im more of Skype, im on skype 24/7 ive mm 242 trades im not trying to be mean in any way i <3 mpgh staff but why did u infract me?
  10. give me a dman infraction, then ur never on for MM, honestly i dont think u fit the postition well, ive done 10 sells/trades/ buys WITHOUT MM useless title for you, Ravoll is way better IMO just saying , - MY OPINION no disrespect meant
  11. Ok I sent you email with all info! thx
  12. Hey Time could u be MM for me and PTMDany?
  13. Realized .
  14. MM for me and Exiled
  15. Hey Time, is it possible that you could mm a trade for me over skype?
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    dude i can't wait for my acc
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    Now Dave Says U Have The Case I Need You To Tell The Truth I Am Innocent I Swear
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    okay and u have to check ip log and do u remember when temperrr got hacked u have to help me ill change my password when u give me it back
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    How its my responsible ?
    u should help me not to do this i am not scammer i left cf long time ago and need ur help solve my problem not to give me perm ban for something i didn't did it
  20. Yeah, I thought about coming back, but too many of old people are gone, and I really don't have anything to do, except downloading hacks. The sections Dave and Arun started by my requests are doing good by themselfs, all guides are written for the sections I was used to be in. And I can't code, so I couldn't give anything good to the community. I don't see the reason why I should start posting again, you see.

    BTW congrats on your 19k! 20k is almost there
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    Why where u banned?
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    Hey dude i'm real KerozHany
    my email is
    i need to talk to u also u can ask Temperrr and -BiESi i havn't coded or opened crossfire for long time i dont have 1 acc have good weapon
    anyway we need to talk
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