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  1. Meh pretty bored currently. wbu?
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    Bitch ahhhhh niggggga what it do
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    fok no ,da shit aint good .
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    ya being a manwhore prob isnt that easy . Weren't you gonna join the navy or w/e ?
  5. may the mcgregor be with you
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    thanks brodie, sorry i respond so late, ur bae
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    lel , why u no longer on steam ?
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    Oooh, idk, 10?12?

    That was my first anime(still have the sexy-as-fuck dvd case/dvds).

    How about you? When did you get into anime and your first?
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    Yeah I got biomega in physical form. That shit is cleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.
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    My Savage <3
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    You aren't even arab
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    Other games keep pulling me back. Don't even know at which chapter I am. I need to stop buying more and more games my god.
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    Biomega or BAA:Alita have some good black and whites.(manga though).

    Menacing? Have you tried berserk's movies?
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    Fanart is Jojo's by far. There is literally every single pose and type of character you could ever want.

    I myself have used the Orca-whale-Jotaro as an avi for a long time.
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    (is this from seeing bakemongatari???!!!)

    Uh.. well are you looking for screen caps of characters, backgrounds, or just good fanart?

    Jojo's has the biggest fan-art collection of any anime ever by far.

    Monogatari has a ton of backgrounds throughout the show, but stuff like 5cm per second also is scenery porn.

    Stuff made by UFOTABLE or madhouse has a lot of good character shots.

    So......did you watch bakemonogatari? And yes, i fully agree with you on the fact that anime is often much better than TV/Movies in presentation of plot or events. They just get the camera, the characters, and everything so well done sometimes.
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    Ah that great man. Let me know in some time how it's been. Yeah well I have one month now to study so I hope I can get average points.
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    It's pretty hard to be honest, didn't begin to look at my courses till mid november so I'm pretty stressed out right now. I really hope I make it. What about you?
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    My laptop broke so I don't have ***** on this replace laptop.. What have you been doing lately? I'm fine, University is hard as fuck but I'm slowly learning to adapt.
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    Hey Tiem !! How are you old friend?
  21. Special I am, right?
  22. Just an unofficial princess
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    Sweet. Well, check out Bakemonogatari first and if you don't like it then no worries.

    Parasyte was pretty good. Kind of surprised how good it was actually, given the original manga being so old.
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    >Has free time
    >Spends it watching some shitty edgy anime.

    Bro. What. Watch some of that good stuff.
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    arun abused me. RIP
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