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    When are we getting maried?
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    Fucking sea boi cunt
  3. term starts on the 30th i got a test in 2 hrs to see what kinda math i place in fml
  4. Not much, i just started community college while i work. Gonna be doing a 2 year for Drugs and Alcohol counseling and then a 4 year for a major in psych. Kinda worried about my mom and lil bro since they are living alone now and my mom has to sell the house but time fixes everything so
  5. My mom has been to india before for like a month or so, shes someone that goes for the spiritual and cultural side of things so she mostly went to temples and shit but she told me india is amazing the people are very nice and the food is good she says
  6. what about now
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    Yeah. Started working on Hacks again and came back to see what has changed.
  8. No, I a just turned into an elf
  9. LOL, now thats an old emoji
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    nsa lmao im a sand niga bro
  11. Yea it sucks he chose to leave but he's now performing as an artist and has a family while Running Man added in Se Chan and So Min so things turned out fine.

    I'm still trying to work out why Jong Kook and Ji Hyo were gonna get removed a few years ago. Almost got the entire show cancelled as a result coz other members were gonna leave.
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    Yeah GIAA is really good, also check We Lost The Sea for stuff similar to GIAA:
  13. Heloooooooooooooooo
  14. I just realized I didn’t respond to you, oops.

    You have it on steam right?
    Maybe I will get it and we can play in the future.
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    I'm too broke atm....

    how about we pull an exit scam to fund our trip xdddd
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    Haha, good to hear my man. I've loved the band for years, and they've been really influential on my own music writing, especially Efrim Menuck's main band Godspeed You! Black Emperor, which is essentially A Silver Mt Zion but instrumental and a bit more serious. I as well absolutely love Efrim's voice, even though he might not be a traditionally 'good' singer, he pours every ounce of feeling he has into every line, and can also actually hit notes when he needs to.

    My short list of fav tracks: BlindBlindBlind, God Blesss our Dead Marines, Mountains Made of Steam, There is a Light, Could've Moved Mountains, Ring Them Bells: Freedom has Come (and Gone)

    also highly suggest checking out blindblindblind live
    which is one of my favorite live videos of any band, just an amazing performance

    cheers mate
  17. He left a while ago lmao.

    He felt that he couldn't offer more to the show. He's made a guest appearance after leaving the show though.
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    Look who's still around It's been ages dude, literally years haha
  19. laptop
    I have a mechanical one i use instead but when im on mpgh im usually stoned watching something and dont have it plugged in
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    my man high as fuck
  21. I've only played a bit of blood, the 30fps made it hard for me to play so i got my fingers crossed for a PC port

    Haha, might do some more on it someday
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    I can't say I remember us having a chat though we always had a good standing.
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    I haven't tried writing any staff about it yet, hopefully we can work something out..
    Thing is my account was "hacked" a long time ago, and I don't remember recovery etc...
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    Absolutely. Where's the random Q coming from?
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    Difficult one, as a kid I would of said Solid Snake. But as you grow up and relate with life I must say I choose Naked Snake.
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