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  1. poon slaying
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    fake minion tag
  3. gz me brethren
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    ur still my hoe
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    Me cause now you got more responsibility
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    Ayyyy grats
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    hey bro. Can you please remove the visitor message ?
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    ni... ger wait not nicat
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    more like rip u, flengo prankd u hard
  10. Pls no hackerino
  11. Nice minion tag oh wait nvm
  12. Gay away .
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    Well, sucks to be him I guess. I got the actual receipt from him though after like ten days of waiting, it's supposedly arriving tomorrow according to the shipping information, but who knows :P
    Thanks for the update though!
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    let me demonstrate my big pener
  15. Congrats!
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    so now you be stealing those juicy MP logs too? frick
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    fake Minion!!!!
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    congratulations my little bish
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    Come Nerevar, friend or traitor, come. Come and look upon the Heart and Akulakahn, and bring Wraithguard, I have need of it. Come to the Heart chamber, I wait for you there, where we last met, countless ages ago. Come to me through fire and war, I welcome you! Welcome Moon-and-Star, I have prepared a place for you! Come, bring Wraithguard to the Heart chamber, together, let us free the cursed false gods! Welcome Nerevar, together we shall speak for the law and the land and drive the mongrel dogs of the Empire from Morrowind! Is this how you honor the 6th house and the tribe unmourned? Come to me openly, and not by stealth. Dagoth Ur welcomes you Nerevar, my old friend... but to this place where destiny is made, why have you come unprepared? Welcome, Moon-and-Star, to this place where YOUR destiny is made. What a fool you are, I'm a god! How can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence! How could you be so naive? There is no escape, no recall can work in this place! Come!
  20. #1 worst pranker
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    I am back nibba
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    fake news ******
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    If my girl���� and my fidget spinners ���� are both drowning���� and I could only save one��☝️️ you can Catch me letting it spin at my girls funeral������ Cause it's fidget spinner or catch a fade my niBBa����
  24. yeah man he's a legend
  25. My womb behave .
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