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  1. I just use to get them.

    The other link I use is
  2. ofc.

    Running Man and Knowing Bro are my go to shows each week. Got all the episodes downloaded on one of my HDD.

    Occasionally watch Idol Room as well.
  3. Thank you ^^
  4. Yo link me the apex hack since the other dude is offline, he is linking it to some of us. Please be a nice guy, I havent hacked in a game in like 3 years, I want to have fun again lmao.
  5. Yo link me the apex hack since the other dude is offline, he is linking it to some of us.
  6. Yea I got it. Finished the main story still have about 15% to go. I'd give it about 8/10. Gameplay is really good in terms of combat. But the horse riding is bad, and the ship's aren't as good as Black Flag. But everything else is decent or amazing.
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    I get plenty exposure at college though
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    Paging Mr Weeb where art thou?
  9. I love me a legend owwwweeeee
  10. Masters is only a year I believe, but it also depends if I get accepted later on because I have not applied yet.
    I am planning to take like half a year off to relax
  11. That's great! How long has it been now? Are the exams hard?

    I'm also about to graduate, so I will probably be pursuing another degree, or get into masters.
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    i dindu nuffin man
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    Aree Indian bhai sab
  14. lissen mudder fucker go get lost in time ok?
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    Hi there!
  16. Been pretty good. Entering my final year of university and been busy at work also.

    Can't believe it's been 3 years now since you've been doing it? Time flies.
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    no that's a gay game
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    Yes yes, quite so.
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    Adah bore Jabal; he was the father of the nomadic herdsmen.
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    only Time will tell.
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    oh fuk boiii
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  23. Wym mate?
  24. I download it mostly now for and load it into VLC player app on my phone. I used to use though
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    I don't speak sugondese srry.
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