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  2. Boo...
    What you been up to?
  3. member me playboy?
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    OMFG u alive its me Ecstasy
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    When you get time please check your inbox for my message :P. Thanks in advance
  6. hi there .. i heard you are a good coder , any way i get into my point i have little favor for $$ if you interested add me cause i couldn't find your email , also my request needed in 4 days max or 5 , so if you not interested tell me also to check for some one else
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    Come back I miss you .
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    Why so inactive?
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    It was, I did quit. Thats why I have been doing nothing. Been traveling and stuff.
    And this year I will continue to study :\ So I can have a way better salary on the next job easily, and getting a job won't be hard after finishing because of the year that I have worked as a developer.
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    You are always in and out
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    I totally agree, damn woman should stop showing dat ass when the sun's going down. The high res version looks even more horrifyingly "polluted"

  13. Watson is.
  14. Jezus dude - I'm gone for a while and your pofile ends up looking like this?!?
  15. oh no prob. I have to thank you for the link...I did restart C++ from the basics and now I'm pretty sure that I can go for more advanced things, like Windows, More API's, kernel thingys etc..
  16. To try to answer your question here: (I can't post or access the thread, I'm getting an server error "-_-):

    Can you access the memory at all? Try checking your return values. Maybe the game has it's own SEH and windows will therefore not report any access violations.
  17. WOW! Those tutorials are amazing!
  18. Well what I said is, if you can teach me something about Lena's. Since in your sig. you said that you finished with lena's tuts.Well, probably I did take what you said in your sig. wrong....Anyways....Thx for the link, I'm gonna try to learn too. Oh and an other thing...In that site can I find Olly's tutorials too..?
  19. Hey, can u teach me Lena too. IDK all the basics of ASM, but in ur siggy u said that u did teach lena, I didn't follow those lessons, but if they're free then please, can u help me to my way thought hacks and memory hacking...
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    ~Too bad it is closed and i can't bump it haha D: wouldn't mind the ban
  21. “Somehow,” Mr. Holt said, “I recalled that hippopotamus means ‘river horse’ in ancient Greek.”

    Teh.. fuck? But Lol. Score one for humans indeed. physicist/politician no wonder he lost.
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    watson got wrecked xD
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