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  1. thank you for your service in the general section. Sad to see u go.
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    You reeetard
  3. no, lick my nipples
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    lick my nipples
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    Jinn bombox is the best
    This this only time you appeared when I summoned you cowboi
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    I guess, but the thread was still not a harmful thing. I just PM Dave to see what he thought about it. But not sure fi he will check it out. Thanks anayway.
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    For fuck sakes it's a legit idea to help this damn forum not die... not a bitching thread or repeating the same shit people have said about the IM chat for the last 3 months. Whats the problem with gather a group of guy to pay for this damn chat to eb fixed. Because it might not affect Dave or you guys but people are loosing thousands because of this bullshit. We don't have a problem paying to fix the chat it's just nonsense at this point already
  8. 39 threads about IM till you get 18k posts
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    This boi is saltie as helll
  10. bumbox solo gm+
  11. is being called a 'dumbass' by a mod an acceptable thing here on MPGH?
  12. pls plus rep me
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    That image has emotions that cannot be described.
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    pull up fam

    pull up

    I see you out there zooming but you ain't shit dawg
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    CS are better than you
  16. Hey dad, I'm back. Hows life been without me.
  17. Straight. What you up to.
  18. holy fuck shitbox ur still alive!!?!?!
  19. "doesn't matter what we think, in the end it's dave's decision.

    also imo IM sucks dick haha but who cares what I think"

    At least you're honest about it hahahahhahahaha MVP.
  20. Evo 2017 smash bro champion

    Liquid Hungrybox
  21. It lags on mobile and resubmit a like 20 times
  22. Hello sir please tell Dave to fix bugged report button
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    I'm an absolute unit lad

    watch out son

    better learn to catch hands

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    If I were you, I wouldn't mess with a cs demi-god son

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    boom box more like boom the twin towers

    i love you please pay attention to my heart
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A few details about yourself
A few details about yourself
A few details about yourself
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Quote Originally Posted by DnsLeak View Post
Yes I agree with this guy. Boombox is a most retard shit mpgh staff I ever know. Previously a user open scam report open on me saying that I bitcoin double spent him and this shit Boombox shit talk and agree on it.
Quote Originally Posted by Dave84311 View Post
hahahah boombox is a piece of shit who deserves CS


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