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    damn how you going allura? not spoken in... sometime
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    Hey Allura, I have 10.something GNT on my Poloniex. US accounts are being shut down. My account is frozen cause I never wanted to put in my personal info for 40 cents worth of GNT lol. They're threatening fees if I keep it in the account, but I'm pretty sure there's no identifying info outside of my email address. If you want to go through the troubles to get the GNT, pm me. Was thinking of just putting it in giveaways but I'm scared some idiot is gonna try to do something sketchy with my email.
  3. Alright well hopefully you'll still have some time to hop on and play or check it out when it's done
  4. Not that much but currently working on bringing MPGHCraft back, was wondering if you'd be interested to help
  5. You actually play Minecraft right?
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    oh damn, not onto the maths yet? haha, you're gonna get /PAMPAM

    im so happy doe, my course has no maths... like literally 0... but then again, we have stupid shit like OHS and Business Skills, which I imagine you don't have at UNI.
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    Yeah I'm going well. Studies are good, the trip to and from Tafe is a pain in the ass, but besides that, all's well. Made a tonne of friends, and really enjoying it.

    How about you? how's CS?
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    how u doing man?
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    When an issue comes up, I find it respectful to give people as much information on where they fucked up and how they need to correct them self's in the future. "outside connections" does not tell me anything. Is screenshots not allowed? How would you provide "screenshot" proof?
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    Can you please tell me why the hell my post was deleted? I was told it was removed for some "outside connections" bullshit.

    Rules state, Advertisements, tutorial videos or outside links including with or within the tool is not permitted. - However, where within my bot does any of that void the terms? Even my post contained zero external links besides two screenshots and an virus scan.

    Advertisements? - I do not even have my signature or name on the bot. Go ahead steal it.
    tutorial videos - Pretty sure the bot would be over 290 KB if it contained an embedded video. If you consider tooltips a video tutorial you mental.
    outside links - My post had no outside links besides the If your thread/post contains a file attachment, please provide at least 2 virus scans.

    If you think I'm bullshiting you PM me and I will send the source code. I try to be as respectful to the rules as possible.
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    @L_0r3x0 You can eat my ass any day.
  12. nigga above me gay
  13. reviste my profile i wrote mean things :<
  14. lmao thanks xddddddddddddddddddddddd
  15. Done . Sorry
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    Added on IM for the IG growth thread pal, as you're in AUS we have a ridiculous time difference, are there any specific times you'll be on when I can catch you?
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    aalura can you accpet my im req need a instagram service
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    accept im request, need the advanced package for the instagram service
  19. Nice guy! Nice service! Instagram growth Service! User was directly helpful and provided me with enough informations. Thanks!
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    Add me please, I’m in a pro clan with a current 5500 pb. Will reach 5800 - 6100 this season.
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    just saw you played clash royale, do you still do so?
  22. Hey! thanks for the fast response, you deleted the threads, the first one was mistaken, the other one i added proof and all u asked for on the rules on minecraft trading, what rules did i break?
  23. Hey i created a sell thread on miencraft selling/trading, but it has not been verified yet, i want to know if i did soemthing worng or anything, i adde proof and all of that u asked,

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    allura help me wit crypto :c btc is dropping again
  25. what area u minion 4
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