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  1. 2014? is het al weer zo lang geleden? goddamn son. wanneer kom je terug?
  2. Hello, I'm interested in your engine updates (
    I can pay you for some updates of your engine. Please leave your jabber so we can talk there...
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    Hi there /hi ! How's life ? :3
  4. ha, ik zie dat je nederlands bent. Ik heb een vraagje: Hoe heb jij C++ geleerd? Ik ben er ook mee bezig en wil hack maken alleen ik heb goede tutorials nodig omdat ik het uit mezelf niet kan maken. Heb jij raad voor me? Hoe heb jij het geleerd?
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    Hey ! I am sorry for not being online...I am in University hostel for 2 days. The internet here sucks and I can't even open a site properly. Will be back on Sunday ! Cya then and sorry again ;[
  6. Yup ! Dave banned me and Jason for flaming ;P
    And lol thanks for the quick reply. My friend has a steam account. I'll see if I can get it :3
  7. Hey Man ! How you doin ? Can you come on MSN sometime ? ~Hassan
  8. nvm i fixed error ty anyway
  9. do u know which 1 is the latest version of SDK , i can only find February 2010 and June 2010
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    Approved, if it wasn't before =)
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    You should continue your hooking tutorial series, they were really good and the only ones I could understand.
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    Hehe, cool...cya soon on msn ;]
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    Sure sure, go ahead...Also, didn't got the time to get on msn and tell you that I am busy in preparing for the test so I will be back with OS stuff by 10th of April !
  14. View Conversation (I hope you have msn messenger. If not, use ebuddy ;P )
  15. Gonna modify that: Pidgin-Encryption
    so it uses RSA-Rjindael

    If you didn't know yet, pidgin is a client for multiple chat protocols including msn.
    I'll make sure it works for transmitting large files as well, if you got any tips/suggestions I'll be checking this conv a bit.
  16. oh didn't know yet that Rijndael was symmetric, now it all makes sense
    thanks for the info ^_^

    hmm Ruby, havn't used that since RPG Maker's script editor XD brings back memories
  17. Hi,

    Regarding SIN, someone asked about 2 weeks ago what would happen if someone tried to send a file over 3 Go with it.
    Just in case you havn't thought of it yet, it'd be better to add some option to use a file-cache instead of ram for large files.

    Oh and I'd like to discuss with you about this RSA-Rijndael implementation, is there a chance you could send the code for the encryption part?
    I just wonder if it's even worth anything to use RSA with Rijndael, why not only use a bigger Rijndael key?
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    Hey, Alen warned you (incase you don't know) ! You were warned for being off-topic. I've just deleted the posts to avoid flaming and such.
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    He is saying that it is by him. The username on the other website is he himself. Talked to Liz, she said we can only ask for credits. So, I've opened his threads again.
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    DirectX 9 Hooking Via C++ - Cheat Engine :: View topic - [TUT] DirectX9.0 Hooking via Detours + Custom Wrapper By Wiccaan ( Qmo ) / (me)
  21. Lol yeah ! (sorry was banned for a few days). Everything is server sided...

    Oh. There was one hack though: You could make 6v6 and 12v12 rooms for any map. They fixed it just yesterday though
  22. chyeah ! <3

    it's a fun and rewarding(?) game! Do you play?
  23. awesome :P
  24. Oh, that you should give me your MSN :P

    I can't find any entries for ""
  25. SrNooB has a good point.. Do you have MSN or use some other IM network? C:

    Would be interesting to speak with some intelligent people once in a while (:
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