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  1. Yes i know, but not sure why you tell me that i release same shit like others? Atleast i release something. Maybe its not that hard to create, but it is still better than nothing.

    Btw i have been learning something much more advanced stuff for LoL. I assume you already know that learning something hard will take some time.
  2. I am waiting to see your LoL hack .
  3. Sup elio, long time no talk.
  4. Set your sig in down
  5. that was hella fun :3
  6. Hi Seals, I'm seal

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    You either never spoke with Liz since if you had already spoken with her, you'd know she one of the most mature persons you'll ever find on MPGH or you either made an application for minion/MM once, got your application rejected and stayed buthurt. Man, I'm really trying to not get into another "fight", (if we can call it like that), with you but I find you so much immature whenever I speak with you regarding MPGH, staff, joins dates and that sort of stuff. Also, your "point" about the troll part is invalid, since KTN used to troll on General and he's currently a minion.
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    Let's hope you're being sarcastic because if you aren't, then I must say you've a very bad perception of how things goes here, on MPGH. Nevertheless, I'm afraid you are the one that doesn't know pratically anything about MPGH. You joined MPGH on 2009~2010 and yet, you didn't know such a simple thing as the fact that you only need to donate $25 to get donator? That was implemented 4 years ago, before I joined? Yeah, that's correct. You're also totally wrong if you think Liz picks and/or promotes staff because they "ride" Dave's dick and Liz's "cunt".
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    The join date means absolutely nothing. There are guys from 2009 which know nothing about MPGH and adding to that, it's been 1.5 years since I joined MPGH, not much but it's somehow, decent. The same applies to most of the current MPGH minions. Just bend to my will already, you know you can't do anything to avoid it, my new second sheep.
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    Age doesn't matter in these type of situations you noob.
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    You can be my second sheep though.
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    You ungrateful hoe.
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    If you want us to be friends, alright, let's be friends then.
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    u can have her m8
  15. Ok fine
  16. can u plz quit mpgh
  17. Is that a book or something?

    I miss u bae. How u doin?"
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    *you were the one* and also, like I said, let's just stop by here. You made your point and I made mine. I already wasted enough of my time to reply to your messages and you to mines. This is really getting tiring.
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    Dude, you're the only one here that is acting like 13. I never said that Donator brings you maturity, you were the came up with that matter from the begging, lol. Just stop already, you won't get nothing out of it.
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    Like I said, you've a childish behavior and you should take the time of you've of cs left to mature.
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    Also, yeah, Donator doesn't get you any respect, you earn it.
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    Forgot to mention that you can become a donator by only donating $25 and not $50 like you said and that there are many other perks of becoming a donator other than a colored name which can be seen here.
    My point is, you're clearly jelous because you haven't lost CS yet and now you're just trying to make up excuses and trying to make me look I'm the one that got upset otherwise why would you even VM me with cs-related stuff? Also, if you think I'm upset, then you clearly don't know me as if there was something cs taught me was to ignore stupid comments and that sort of stuff. "Behave in a horrible manner"? You the were the one that decided to VM me with a provokating sentence lol. Note that there's a big difference between you wanting me to get upset over your VMs and between me getting indeed upset with it. Just don't pester nor bother me and I'll do the same.
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    I said you are trying to get me upset, I didn't say you got me upset. Also, about the donator thing, I donated because of the color, yeah, I won't be a hypocrit but I also donated to help MPGH which is something that I think you don't know what it is otherwise you wouldn't even have mentioned the fact that I'm a donator. Regardless, like I said, have a nice day.
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    Little mistakes correction: * that I "offend" as you say, know perfectly *

    *called of*

    Anyways, I'm done with you. Up to you to follow my advice or to ignore it.
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