Official MPGH ruleset, supersedes all and any rules set in each individual forum. Last Updated: December 18th, 2017.

Certain rules may not be enforced unless reported. If you feel a poster has broken a rule, report it. All ban durations are the default suggested ban duration, however enforcement is subject to the moderator and may be shortened or lengthened depending on the severity of the rule breaking. Lesser rule-breaking punishments may be handed out via infraction in replacement of a ban. Certain rules may be bypassed with written consent from an administrator, in which it must be explicitly stated wherever posted.

Forum Rules

  • - No advertising or quoting an advertisement. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No direct/indirect advertising or quoting of rule breaking content. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No outside links or links to downloads/attachments, use the upload system instead. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No spamming or emote spam outside of the spam section. (1 Day Ban)
  • - No trolling outside of general sections. (3 Day Ban)
  • - No scamming of any kind. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No accessing other MPGH members accounts or computers without permission. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No disrespecting staff. (5 Day Ban)
  • - No disrespecting MPGH. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No creating threads in the wrong section. (1 Day Ban)
  • - No flaming members outside of the flaming section. (2 Day Ban)
  • - No bumping dead threads for no important reason. (3 Day Ban)
  • - No misusing/soliciting forum rewards, including on yourself. (However putting along the lines of "Rep/Thank me if I helped you" is acceptable) (3 Day Ban)
  • - No "asking"/begging for something outside of a specifically designated request section. (2 Day Ban)
  • - No nazi or racist comments. (5 Day Ban)
  • - No bypassing the MPGH word filter. (2 Week Ban)
  • - No requesting close/ban/delete/approve/move outside of the original poster, unless calling to attention a post that seems to be overlooked. (Infraction)
  • - No posting of keyloggers, viruses or phishers.
  • - No posting of botnet, phishing or viral, server hacking material.
  • - No impersonating MPGH staff including offsite. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No selling/buying/trading MPGH accounts. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No requesting to join a user group. (7 Day Ban)
  • - No changing a staff member's quote in a post. (3 Day Ban)
  • - No posting of warez (copy written material) or material infringe on copyrights. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No ban evasion on an alternate account for serious bans. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No inappropriate images (Keep it 13+). (Permanent Ban)
  • - No directly posting pirated/infringing material. (7 Day Ban)
  • - No posting spoilers to entertainment media without using spoiler tags and an appropriate warning. (1 Month Ban)
  • - No replying to threads with images (without any on-topic text) unless it is in an image thread in general. (Infraction)
  • - No posting personal / private / "dox" information (including IP) of a MPGH user without their explicit permission or from an administrator. This means information that isn't easily accessible or discovered. (6 Month Ban)
  • - No threatening MPGH members with any sort of blackmail or DDoS/flooding/attack threats. (1 Month Ban)
  • - No DoSing, flooding, jamming, hindering, or any other sort of attacking other MPGH members. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No recruiting. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No selling of hacks, menus, scripts, loaders or any other cheating/hacking related material (includes free offer with purchase). (Permanent Ban)
  • - No distribution of cheating/hacking material besides in thread as an approved attachment. No distributing via pm, messenger service (via MPGH). (Permanent Ban)
  • - No registered user participation on MPGH while being staff member of another game hacking forum. (This rule is enforced at a GMod or higher discretion level to protect MPGH members from hidden motives) (Permanent Ban)
  • - No posting of content that violates any laws. (Permanent Ban)

Name & Title Policy

  • - You need at least 500 posts for a text title change.
  • - Title changes can be requested every 500 posts.
  • - At least 1,337 posts to request a Image Title.
  • - Picture titles must not be in any way/shape/form similar to Tags for staff/special members.
  • - You need at least 1,000 posts to request a name change.
  • - Name changes can only be requested every 1,000 posts.
  • - Names cannot be the same as any other member.
  • - Names cannot be similar, or the same as any Staff member's name.
  • - Names cannot have any misleading prefixes or suffixes such as [MPGH], [Admin], [Mod], [SA], [GM], etc.
  • - Names & titles cannot have profanity, or any offending innuendo.

Uploading Rules

  • - No uploading files with invasive/harmful features. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No uploading files that are warez (copy written material) or material infringe on copyrights. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No uploading files without including 2 virus scans when applicable. (2 Day Ban)
  • - No uploading files without including a screenshot of the hack/file when applicable. (2 Day Ban)
  • - No posting fake virus scans. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No claiming a hack that you didn't make as your own. (3 Day Ban)
  • - No posting hacks with auto updaters. (7 Day Ban)

Marketplace Rules

  • - No trading using a non-official middleman. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No middle manning unless being an official middleman of MPGH. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No scamming of any kind. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No posting false or misleading reviews (this includes not being a buyer, deliberately misleading members, being affiliated with another seller, inaccurately harming a sellers reputation, or any deceptive practices to hurt a seller). (1 Month Ban)
  • - No posting derogatory remarks regarding in any seller thread. Keep it informative and neutral. (3 Day Ban)
  • - No revealing MPGH users paid ebooks/methods, unless this member has been inactive for at least half a year. (1 Month Ban)
  • - No self vouching yourself or your own threads. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No misleading or unofficial vouching of any kind, only vouching allowed is by transactional parties including official middle men. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No selling of misleading products, and all products must be valid for the specified period (if specified). (Permanent Ban)
  • - Suspicious accounts with under 50 posts participating in the marketplace may be banned to protect legitimate buyers and sellers in the marketplace. (Permanent Ban, Moderator's Discretion)
  • - No selling products for games for non in-game content (e.g. hacks, bypasses, programs, bots, bypasses, tutorials). (Permanent Ban)
  • - No sort of incentive based altering/bribing/manipulating of a vouch review from a seller or the person who is writing a vouch. (Permanent Ban)
  • - No bumping your own sales thread more than once every 24 hours from your last bump. (Infraction)
  • - No use of staff or staff promotion in thread title and content. (Thread deleted)
  • - No middleman/escrow/reputed member/etc services to allow users to bypass MPGH marketplace restrictions (6 Month Ban)
  • - Any product or service listed must include a price and proof. If there is a price range for your listing, an explanation must be provided on how the price change. Similarly if you are unable to provide proof, it may require additional explanation before approval. (Thread deleted)

Reputation Rules

No abuse of the reputation system. This includes soliciting reputation, rep-for-rep trading, giving negative reputation without a direct interaction, and de-rep ganging. All reputation must have reasons provided for why reputation occurred, otherwise a valid removal of the reputation can be requested and will be removed (this does not include CS). If you have reason to believe you have been negatively reputed unfairly, you may create a thread in the reputation review section. All reputation review threads are looked into on a case-by-case basis. A general guideline will be followed, but may diverge depending on the severity of the situation:

- First level: Warning or infraction. Removal of reviewed reputation.
- Second level: 1-3 day ban. 10% deduction from reputation. Removal of reviewed reputation.
- Third level: 5-7 day ban. If abuse was done collectively, punishment will fall either to this level or the second level. 50% deduction from reputation. If reputation points are 50 points are less, this falls to 0.

First time offenders will typically receive the first level punishment, second time offenders will typically receive the second level of punishment, and third time offenders may receive the third level punishment.

Facebook Privacy:
We store none of your Facebook information on our website unless you choose to register an account on our website. That information will only be used during the registration process and to create an account on our website.

Terms of Service:
Material from MPGH may not be copied or distributed, or republished, uploaded, posted, or transmitted in any way, without the prior written consent of it's author.
The messages and files on this site are posted for educational purposes. If you do post any message or files, they are only permitted to be posted for educational purposes. If your content or files are not meant for educational purposes you aren't permitted to post them.
All messages and files express the views of the author, and neither the owners or staff of MPGH will be held responsible for any content.

Although the administrators and moderators of MPGH will attempt to keep all objectionable content off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all content.

While we aren't perfect, we do try to maintain a strict order. If you feel you have been unfairly banned or infracted, create a dispute in the dispute section. Feel free to make an alternate account if you are banned. Any inquiries should be made here: Staff Disputes.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate any laws. You also agree that once you create your account, it cannot or will not be deleted.

The owners and staff of MPGH reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any content for any reason.