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  1. Need help finding out why my program isnt doing what i want it to do

    I'm trying to create a program that only works on 1 persons pc per login via grabbing the users machine guid and comparing it to one I've already set as the only "allowed" guid.

    I currently have...
  2. Why C++17 class template argument deduction fails?

    C++17 offers class template argument deduction.

    I have the following small example (you can paste into onlinegdb with C++17 enabled, no problem) where it fails under certain circumstances but I do...
  3. [Help] Intersection of two sorted arrays

    Compilation Error: Compilation Error prog.cpp: In function std::vector printIntersection(int*, int*, int, int): prog.cpp:58:22: error: could not convert *(arr1 + ((sizetype)(((long unsigned int)i) *...
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