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  1. [Release] Hello everyone. Thanks for the...

    Hello everyone.

    Thanks for the feedback/suggestions. :D
    I'm completely rewriting the code.

    Build version 2 with more features (and bug fixes)
    will probably be released soon.
  2. [Release] Volatile b1 Autoclicker [Visible on Keystrokes/Self-Destruct/Cps Drops/Source Code]

    Volatile b1

    A simple autoclicker with Self-Destruct i made in C#.
    It's easy to use, just click "Toggle" and Hold Left...
  3. [Outdated] C# Legit Cheat Reticent 0.7 (Config suppot, aim, walls, etc)

    Warning: I strongly recommend that you add junk code to the source or use a program like ConfuserEX to minimize your chances of a ban! Don't cheat on your main. This is a free + open source cheat...
  4. [Outdated] Hello everyone :D thanks for the feedback. I'm...

    Hello everyone :D thanks for the feedback. I'm still working on this project and plan to add more comments and make the source better, as suggested.
    I also want to add a separate class for Radar and...
  5. [Outdated] I've just submitted a new thread, waiting to get...

    I've just submitted a new thread, waiting to get approved :)
  6. [Outdated] Reticent 0.6 - CSGO C# + source/base (smooth aim, triggerbot, glow, chams, radar)

    Yeet. I have fixed reticent 0.5 and tested it in comp.
    I have also added radar and triggerbot!
    Free legit cheat with source. Features (you have to edit source to change settings btw):
  7. [Outdated] Alright i fixed the bug! It was a 2 line fix....

    Alright i fixed the bug! It was a 2 line fix. Before i release it i will add radar and triggerbot.
    This cheat btw is supposed to be used to learn to make your own or add more features.
    So yeah v0.6...
  8. [Outdated] CSGO C# external + source (Advanced smooth aimbot, glow, chams)

    Srry admin forgot virus scan.
    Anyway i have been working on this for a while, but im switching to internals.
    Its a c# external with hopefully readable code and is baisacally a base.
    I put a lot of...
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    [Tutorial] Make c# externals faster

    There is a simple way of making c# externals faster. The more times you call RPM or WPM the slower your cheat becomes, especially in loops.
    So an easy way to reduce RPM/WPM calls is to read...
  10. [Help] Setting fov externally is buggy, but i think...

    Setting fov externally is buggy, but i think there is a way to find viewmodel_fov and write to it
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    [Help] free VMProtect = ban?

    Using the "legally obtained" paid version of VMProtect with everything on ultra protection seems to make a cheat undetected.
    However, using the free version got me a ban some time ago. I read that...
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