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    First off I dont usually ever post but I have gotten nothing but EXCELLENT service from Carza!

    After MANY orders, Carza continues to work his magic each and every time! Communication is great and...
  2. [WTS] 2 Transactions both went good!

    Ordered a couple things under the "Food" catagory.

    Both times were fairly quick. This last time there was a hiccup along the way and it only took 30 minutes or so to fix!

    Great service,...
  3. [WTS] sent you an im request

    sent you an im request
  4. [WTS] Just GREAT!!!

    So right off the bat I was a little unsure of all this. I ended up adding Carza and asked a few questions and didnt actually pull the trigger for about a week. Finally I did and ill tell you what....
  5. [WTS] Absolutly Great!!!

    More of a lurker here but I did want to post and mention how great adam7777 was! At first I wasn't quite sure what I wanted so I asked and by god, pretty much anything I ask for he has :D :D :D
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