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  1. Sticky: [Tutorial] ¦ TUT How to Make Your Own Weapon Skins 2017 ¦

    Youll need to include a replacement for gui/game.xml in your mod, as AFAIK you cant merge/mount this - then search for checkbox name, make a copy of that entry still within the...
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    I quit weed for good

    mook has quit. You should feel proud of yourselves. He was an awesome player. He was abrasive but up front, told you how he felt. Unlike some others. Its a great loss to rose imo
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    Sticky: Marijuana history

    Sounds inefficient because of all the moves in the hash that do not exist at any given time. I think that two history tables, one of long period and one of short period, might be a good idea.
  4. [Help] How to create hack blackshot or how to edit it

    I am a beginer in OGRE and CEGUI.
    If I need to create my own imageset and I need to club all images and create a texture file
    for that look how do I it.
    Can you help us?
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