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  1. [Info] Terraria Tweaker 2 is Awfully Suspicious

    Terraria Tweaker 2
    (kinda sussy, innit?)
    This is a report on suspicious findings regarding Terraria Tweaker 2. This does not inherently mean it is malware or any other form of malicious program....
  2. [Release] Theoretically, client-side cheat mods should work...

    Theoretically, client-side cheat mods should work fine. I'm not aware of anything that fits this category since
  3. [Release] TML.Patcher - Unpack and Decompile .tmod files (Patching Soon:TM:)

    Not sure if this is a valid place to post this but I may as well, since it's a tool that can be useful for directly modifying .tmod files.

  4. [Discussion] bruh

    Does your understanding of their purpose of developing cheats on their own time really matter? Most people, myself included, just do it for fun and to pass time. There doesn't need to be some deeper...
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    [Outdated] Pretty sure this is an older post. I believe...

    Pretty sure this is an older post. I believe there's a newer one originating from Feb. 2021. Still don't think it's updated to yet, though.
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