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    Grand Theft Auto 5 Section Rules.


    Release Section: This is were you will be posting any GTA 5 Hacks Grand Theft Auto 5 Hacks & Cheats
    Tutorial Section: If you have a tutorial for GTA 5 Post it here Grand Theft Auto 5 Tutorials
    Discussion Section: Talk about anything GTA 5 related and share your views on topics. Grand Theft Auto 5 Discussions
    Help Section: Having a problem or issue GTA 5 related post it here to have experienced users help you Grand Theft Auto 5 Help

    Uploading Rules

    • You must include two or more virus scans.
      - Hacks with Auto-Update features ARE NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances unless sanctioned by Dave84311
      - The attached file must exactly match the file scanned.
      - You don't need to attach scans for images or text files.
      - Virus scan sites include:
    • You must include one or more proper screenshots saying you will "add them later" will not suffice
    • You must leave proper credits if credit is due.
    • Your post and release itself must not contain any outside links.
    • You must include a description of what your release does.
    • You must provide deobfuscated version to mod/minion.

      (specific rules regarding programs themselves)
    • Your release must not be harmful in any way.
    • Your release must not access the internet by itself
    • Your release must not contain advertising in it.
      (Contact the minions for any clarifying questions regarding what your release can and can't do!)

    Posting Rules

    • Stay on topic, if you want to to discuss something else, make a thread in the discussions section.
    • Don't flame or hate on other users, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    • Don't post outside links.
    • No posting requests
    • Don't bump old/out-of-date threads (necrobumping).
    • Don't ask for approval, we will always approve files when we can.
    • Your post must not contain advertising in it. You are not allowed to promote any PAID hack!
    • Do not mention off-site hacks or discuss them as they don't relate to MPGH
    • Use "Thanks" button instead of writing it.


    Always report posts that break the rules using the report button on the bottom left of the post. That's the best way to help out.
    If you need any other help or have questions, feel free to tag or PM the section staff and they'll get to you ASAP.

    Section Staff:


    As with every section Gobal Rules apply which can be seen and read Here

    • If you do not follow these rules, your thread or post will probably be deleted and you may be infracted or banned depending on the severity.
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