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    Thumbs up Anti Afk Script!

    Someone requested this and said I should post it so here I am

    IF you don't have multiple monitors, this will still work for you, but it's best if you have 2.

    Step 1:
    Download AutoHotKey. Google is your friend

    Step 2:
    Create a text file anywhere like on your desktop, and rename it to whateveryouwanthere.ahk (put whatever you want where it says whateveryouwanthere ofc ^-^) then paste the code below into it and save it.

    #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2
    var = 0
    return ; end of autoexecute section
    var := !var
    if !var
    Send, {W}
    Send, {A}
    Send, {S}
    Send, {D}
    Sleep, 1000
    Send, {Click Sleep 50}
    Send, {Space}
    Send, {Return}
    Send, {E}
    Sleep, 800
    Send, {E}
    Sleep, 800
    Send, {E}
    Sleep, 800
    Send, {E}
    Sleep, 800
    Send, {Q}
    Sleep, 10000
    Step 3:
    Change your Dirty Bomb resolution to a small resolution so that you have a pretty small window, this helps if you have a crappy pc or if you don't want the window in your way.

    Step 4:
    Run the script. It's okay that you run it while you aren't in game because you've got to press a key in order to enable it.

    Step 5:
    Get into the game, press insert, and go to the gym, go to sleep, do your homework, idfc. OR Open Netflix or whatever the fuck you want, mute the game, press play, then click back into the game and press insert to enable the script again.

    HERE is an example of how to do this without multiple monitors, and you'll see why it isn't the BEST way.

    For those of you that know how to optimize the script or whatever. Modify it to your liking, please share here what you've come up with

    P.S And for step 5 I recommend going to the gym. In fact it will greatly improve the outcome of the script if you get off your ass for once.
    <3 u
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