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    Official MPGH Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Skype Group

    Hello, fellow MPGH Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Players! Since it has come to my attention that some of you have been desiring MPGH to have its own Official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Skype group for a while now, I decided to speak to @Dave84311 about the possibility of creating it and since he gave me his permission to do so, I have decided to go ahead and create it as such. If you want to be added to the group, you will have to make an application to join it. Once you have done so, your application will be looked at thoroughly and if you turn out to be a good applicant, you will be added to it. Needless to say, make sure to check the whole thread out to avoid any possible confusion and such.

    - Must have at least 100 posts.
    - Must have at least 3 months of forum membership.
    - Must not only be able to uphold the rules of the Skype Group and MPGH, but to abide by them as well.

    Application Format:
    Name (or Nickname):
    Skype ID:
    Why do you think you should be added to the MPGH Official Counter-Strike Global Offensive Skype group?:

    Group Rules:
    - No attempts to bend the rules whatsoever. Rules are rules and they are to be followed.
    - All the MPGH rules apply in the chat, however, minor flaming/trolling is permitted.
    - No spamming/trashing the group.
    - Absolutely no sending of files via the group, however, the sending of pictures/videos via it is allowed.
    - No sending of outside links via the group other than links to image hosting websites, Youtube, social media and MPGH.
    - Absolutely no adding other people to the chat without my permission.

    This thread is for applications ONLY.
    Any other posts will be deleted, and offenders will be dealt with accordingly.
    Breaking any of the rules above will result in an expulsion from the group, and possibly further punishment depending on the severity of your case.
    Repeat offenders will be expelled from the group indefinitely.
    Begging me to check your application will only make it get deleted. I will check it on my own time.
    I reserve the right to deny any application. Just because you meet the requirements, that does not mean you will get a spot in the group.
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