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    Smile [Tutorial] Easy Modern Warfare 2 rank hack

    Modern Warfare 2 Rank Hack

    1. Download Cheat Engine (Cheat Engine)

    2. Run Cheat Engine

    3. Open up Modern warfare 2 MP ( Multiplayer )

    4. Go to Barracks to see your EXP, then write it down. I will be using 100 as an example

    5. Alt+Tab out and go on Cheat Engine. Click the little computer in the top left. Then scroll down the list until you find iwmp (or something like that) and double click it.

    6. In the value box type in your EXP that you wrote down in step 4 and hit "First Scan", you should see alot of addresses on the left, leave those for now.

    7. Go back to Modern Warfare 2 and play 1 match to gain some EXP. Now go back to Barracks to check your exp and write it down. Since I used 100 as an example and I gained 34 EXP (example) from a match my EXP would be 134.

    8. Alt+Tab out again and type in your EXP you wrote down in step 7 in the value box and hit "Next Scan".

    9. You should get around 1-4 addresses on the left. Highlight all of them and click the red arrow pointing to the bottom right.

    10. Now your addresses should be in the bottom box. Highlight all of them and right-click them and scroll over to "Change Record" then click "Value"

    11. Now just change the value to what ever you want then go back in-game to check your level, if you don't like your level go back to Cheat Engine and change the value again!!

    Please thank if I helped
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    He has quite a lot of thanks. I have not heard anything bad about him. I vouch for him.

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