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    Exclamation Valid Vouching Requirements

    The rules set in place for what vouches are considered valid and which are not were seeming to be a bit restrictive and unfair towards sellers. A review shouldn't be accepted, denied, or its validity weighted solely on the join date and post count of the person vouching. Instead, in an effort to stop fake vouches while still being able to easily post a valid vouch, users will be required to post a screenshot confirming the transaction that occurred.

    For example, if you are buying something from a seller via PayPal, you can post a screenshot of your PayPal transaction to validate your vouch and confirming that you did indeed purchase from the seller. The same concept will be applied to transactions in all other forms, where applicable. If a transaction screenshot is not available to be provided for any reason, a screenshot confirming communication of the trade (i.e. *****) will suffice.

    To conclude, there will no longer be any post count or join date requirement in order to vouch for a seller. This applies to vouches for items purchased only, not vouch copies. If the proper format is not followed, the vouch will be deleted. All vouches prior to this date are valid.

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