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    [Rules/Info] Advertising a Server

    First and foremost, this section is for the advertisement of Minecraft servers only. Any other posts/threads will be removed, and the poster may or may not receive an infraction.

    General Rules

    -Servers may be posted in English only.
    -Bumps are only allowed once every 24 hours, and no sooner.
    -No flame, spam, or falsely bashing a server. If you have a complaint, bring it up to a Minecraft section staff member.

    Thread Requirements

    -You are only allowed to post your server's IP, no links to forums/external websites.
    -You are only allowed to post an advertisement for your own server.
    -You are required to provide at least 1 screenshot of your server, whether it be your server's home or major features.
    -You must include all of the following: Server IP, Cracked or Premium, Server Version, Basic Description.

    Any servers that are not being properly maintained will be removed. Any servers that are offline for long periods of time will be removed. If you cannot keep your server up and running, it has no reason being on MPGH.


    None of the following information is required, however it may help your server to be even more successful.

    -You SHOULD keep your players updated, and regularly post "patch notes" and new content within your advertisement.
    -You SHOULD keep the MPGH Minecraft staff members updated on scheduled downtime/major issues.
    -You SHOULD make your thread aesthetically pleasing, as well as format it in such a way to make it easy for the reader to understand.

    Minecraft Administrative Team

    Minecraft Minons & Moderators:
    Use the Minecraft Minion team first before going to a global moderator.

    Global Moderators:
    [MPGH]Flengo, [MPGH]Hero,[MPGH]Hugo Boss, [MPGH]NormenJaydenFBI

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