Hey guys,

I'm a young student looking for some extra money to pay my upcoming years in university.

As yet I am mainly a German pupil in the senior classes preparing for taking my A-Levels.
Furthermore I'm studying IT (computer science) at the nearby university (TUM Munich, the best one in Germany).
But either way, I'll be studying in the USA after the A-Levels, since the possibilities there are much better than here.

I'm very capable of Java, which I learned extensively for two terms at university.
In my spare time I did a lot of research and tests concerning external APIs like the Google APIs (Calendar, Maps, etc) and the Android API.
If you asked for a self-rating, I'd rather say, that I can write basic programs with those and for more complicated programs, I'm ready to gain more knowledge and master your tasks.

I'm not scheduled on a specific length or effort of the job, I am looking for both, long-therm and short ones.

Don't like *****, but I can use it for an employment and the job.

Contact me for more details to my person or an employment.

To get my ***** or TS3 contact me here in the forum or on Steam (/id/rums)!

Really looking forward to get in touch with you!