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    MPGH Official Pokemon Go Skype Group

    Please read this thread entirely before posting. Thank you.

    Hello! Recently, me and Takatsuki have been discussing the opening of a Pokemon Go Skype group. Well, with permission from administrator @arunforce , this chat is now MPGH official!
    The Skype group is going to be invite only, and we will be taking applications for new members.
    This group is for the elite members of the Pokemon Go section. All applications will be carefully read, and each user will be looked through thoroughly.
    This group will not have more than 25 members at any time. This is subject to change in the future.

    Requirements (You must meet at least TWO of these)

    • 250 Posts
    • 4 Months of activity
    • 250 Thanks
    • 100 Rep
    • Staff Member


    Name (or Nickname):
    Have you even contributed to the Pokemon Go section:
    Do you currently have any active infractions/warnings:

    If you are not comfortable with posting your Skype, you may PM me or @Takatsuki it.

    Group Rules
    • No inviting people whatsoever, that is for me and Takatsuki to do ONLY.
    • All MPGH rules apply, minor trolling and flaming is fine.
    • No spamming the chat, no matter what it is.
    • No sending of ANY files, with the exception of pictures/videos.
    • No outside links, with the exception of image hosts, youtube, social media, and MPGH.
    • No advertising a BST thread whatsoever.

    This thread is for APPLICATIONS ONLY.
    All other posts will be deleted, and offenders will be dealt with accordingly.
    Breaking any one of the rules above will result in a kick from the group, and possibly further punishment depending on the severity.
    Repeated offenders will be banned from the group indefinitely.
    Begging will only get your application ignored or deleted. We will check them on our own time.
    We reserve the right to deny any application. Just because you meet the requirements does not guarantee a spot.
    This thread is subject to change at any time.

    Additionally, I buy Fitbit Accounts:

    Quote Originally Posted by cornerpath View Post
    I NEED TO HELP PEOPLE IN HOUSTON TX UNBAN ME I don't deserve to be banned ever! I am damn near A perfect users do I look like "Dildotheking" to you guys??? I can see him being banned this long but not me!
    Quote Originally Posted by cornerpath View Post
    I am not very happy about this. Now I have to live with two infractions for the rest of my LIFE!! Over a little spamming. That's like me going to jail for 934563498 years for jaywalking. Now I have to hang and chat with the other low lives with infractions!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by cornerpath View Post
    Hello, I would like to request Admin for A day. I have been in leader positions in certain things such as Roblox So I would hope you guys let me one day get od or Admin for A day

    Global Moderator - October 2017
    Official News Team - June 2017
    Official Publicist - May 2017
    Moderator - May 2017
    Other MMORPGs Minion - May 2017
    Steam Minion - May 2017
    Minecraft Minion - May 2017
    Realm of the Mad God Minion - May 2017


    The journey is over, I am finally GM. Thank you if you supported me.

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