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    Question Warrock installer doesnt work and Nexon customer support is trash. Need help.

    So I just took up my holiday and I wanted to spend it revisiting some old game, for nostalgia reasons.

    Now, I'm running on windows 10 x64. I have the problem that the installer just won't open.
    I shut off both my firewall and windows defender. I don't have other anti virus since I don't download trash.
    I tried to run the installer in compatibility mode with win7 and win8.1. No results. I tried admin privileges and the whole
    nine yard. Nothing seems to work

    Now, The only reason I wanna play is because nostalgia and because I spend quite some money on the game back in the day.
    Nexon customer support is a joke, they take a day to answer and just tell me things I literally told them.

    I don't take it you guys would know how to fix it. I mean, it doesn't give any errors.. all it does it it generates a log file in the same folder/directory, opening it with notepad it appears to be empty. So yeah, tough luck there.

    And yes, I tried both the "installer" shit, which just downloads some other random software, and afterwards the WRInstallerEU.exe. And I tried downloading the installer directly. Both without any results.
    For the sake of desperation I even tried the installer while my pc was in safe mode, but nah, no luck.

    So, since this place in generally filled with reasonably smart people, I don't think I'm gonna find much luck on the nexon forum.. which is pretty much dead nowadays.


    Thanks in advance
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    I can try to help you through Team Viewer if I'm not too late and also if you didn't fix it yet!
    It always starts with one thing...

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