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    Section Rules - Read Before Posting


    These rules are an extension of the general rules.

    When making a thread, you must:
    • Post what you are looking for
    • Post what you are trading, and provide screenshot proofs for what you are trading
    • Provide contact details such as *****
    • ***** address must be provided in some kind of text form in your post. ***** click-to-add URL's (e.g. **********) are NOT accepted as text form. The text form of your ***** address can be included anywhere inside your post.
    • Make sure your thread title does not use any misleading terms along the lines of "Trusted/Premium/Reliable Member"

    Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your thread getting deleted.

    Some general section rules:
    • You can only bump your thread after 24 hours from the last post you created in the thread.
    • Create only ONE thread for the ENTIRE forum
    • Shitposting or spamming isn't tolerated
    • People that will be selling their accounts to buyers here must have the original e-mail of the accounts
    • If you were scammed, create a thread in this section and follow the procedure of how to create a scam report here.

    Failure to follow the rules will result in a warning, infraction, or a ban.

    What you are NOT permitted to trade or receive in return:
    • Any "hacks", "cheats" or related stuff
    • Scripts, including remote executive
    • Bypasses
    • Menus
    • Keystealers or account stealers
    • Methods to sell keys
    • Phished accounts
    • Random and unchecked accounts accounts, keys, or logs
    • Selling of random keys (even if checked).
    • Anything "bruteforcing" related
    • DDoS, doxing, or ***** banning services
    • Programs
    • Saved debit/credit cards

    Your thread will be deleted if you do create a thread about purchasing one or more of the above items. Warnings, infractions, or bans may be given out.

    Thread approvals are in place for marketplace sections. This means you must wait for your thread to be approved by the moderation team before you can view it.

    Remember to read the stickies around the section. In addition, as a reminder you must uphold these section rules along with the general site rules. These section rules and the general site rules may change at some point, so keep yourself updated by checking this thread now and then for an update.

    Thanks for your co-operation!

    - MPGH Staff
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